Artist:  Seasons Lost
   Title: After The storm
   Label: CD Baby

Seasons Lost are a five-piece band hailing from Florida, who, according to the bio with this, their debut album, have toured with Trivium in the past.  When listening to this album you can tell that a definite influence has rubbed off on them from their hugely successful peers.
The album begins in storming fashion with 'To Hell and Back', which begins with heavy riffing and Trivium-esque vocals alternating from clean to barked.  Maiden-like guitar parts pepper the track which also boasts a memorable harmonic chorus.
The pace never lets up as we go into the second track, 'Confession'.  Singer Shaie Mason shows shades of Myles Kennedy in his strong vocals as the track softens slightly in the chorus, but keeps up the pummeling riffage right the way through.
'The Big Empty' comes up next and begins with a guitar line that strangely reminds me of 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley!  This is an anthemic track which builds up to the chorus, and even sounds slightly 'emo'-like.
The next track, 'Borrowed Time', is a galloping Iron Maiden-like anthem, again with brilliant vocal harmonies and a football crowd style chant, which is followed by 'Dry Ground', which slows the pace right down again and wouldn't sound out of place on a Creed album.  This tune is a slow burner which has another memorable, catchy chorus and flows into a tremendous guitar solo and another crowd pleasing final third.
'Skeletal Remedy' follows, beginning with a monstrous riff and barked vocals, a complete contrast to the last track.  There is a lot of light and shade like this on the album, which does at times make it quite confused, but all the tracks have punch and stand up well in their own right.  The tone for this track is definitely screamo, and is definitely the heaviest track on the album.
Slowing down the pace again for the next track, 'Forever', this lighters-aloft anthem is similar in style to the previous 'Dry Ground'.  There is the odd burst of heaviness and the track is again peppered with decent guitar solos.  Masons vocals are particularly impressive on this tune!
'Taken Away' begins with a gentle riff and slowly builds up to another slow-burning anthem, whilst 'Predanatural' which follows is ignited by Egyptian like riffs before exploding into life into another heavy, heavy track, and my favourite on the album.
The album comes to a close with 'Grave Shifter', another heavy track which is reminiscent of early Killswitch Engage, with again both clean and barked vocals.  Fantastic drumming gives this track an extra bit beef and leaves you wanting more.
All in all a great album which at times seems a bit confused as some of the tracks veer wildly in style but the heavier tracks definitely stand out for me.

Review by: Dan


1. To Hell And Back
2. Confession
3. The Big Empty
4. Borrowed Time
5. Dry Ground
6. Skeletal Remedy
7. Forever
8. Taken Away
9. Predanatural
10. Grave Shifter



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