Artist: Sedona
   Title: Golden Valley
Avenue Of Allies

Hailing from France, Sedona are led by vocalist and songwriter Patrick Liotard, who together with Stephane Larribat and Jack AnDouar, set out to bring the best of the West Coast AOR scene to the French nation and in 1995 they did just that with their album ‘Golden Valley’.

This the band's first album with English lyrics, bringing the name of Sedona into a more prominent light, but it wasn’t until a show in Paris where Liotard got to play with Steve Lukather that he was inspired to bring Sedona back with a vengeance, with an album which will see a new vocalist in the form of Anthony Dura taking up the mike.

But before all that happens their album 'Golden Valley' has be re-released to a wider market and give us just a taste of what Sedona are all about. The album is pure West Coast AOR no doubt about it and also includes bonus material, which will entice fans of the genre even more. The album is straight out of the AOR West Coast handbook, but that’s not a bad thing as the album gets us underway with ‘Magic Dream’, a track that is pure West Coast AOR, with gentle melodies from both guitar and keyboards, with Liotard doing a damn fine job on vocals.

Things continue in similar vein with ‘Surfing State Of Mind’ and the title track ‘Golden Valley’, which has just a little country and western edge, courtesy of a slide guitar, then it's back to that smooth styling of the first two tracks with ‘California Ballad’ and ‘Sweet Wave Of Sunset’.

This is definitely a summer feel album, riding along route 66 with the top down and the wind in your hair with the stereo on full, as tracks like ‘Rock Board’ and 'You Choose Fanatic' blasting out in the California sunshine. The up-beat rockers aren’t exactly horn waving metal, more melodic rock, but then you wouldn’t expect that from a band who have taken the American AOR scene and made it their own.  You don’t hear of many French bands making this style of music too often, but this is a credit to the band who stuck to their guns and made the album they wanted.

The obvious similarities to the likes of Chicago and Toto make this an album that will appeal to the older rock crowd, but it’s intentions are admirable and although aimed at the American market, this is a great easy listening album.  I don’t know what direction the band will be going with Anthony Dura at the mike, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see later this year, but if the quality is there then I’m sure the album will be a great success.


01.Magic Dream
02.Surfing State Of Mind 
03.Golden Valley
04.California Ballad
Sweet Wave Of Sunset 
06.Laguna (Instrumental)
07.Rock Board
08.Southern California Dream Space
You Choose Fanatic
10.The Story 
12.Sedona (Instrumental) 




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