Artist:  Senes
   Title: dE-evolution oF thEory
   Label: Global Music

'dE-evolution oF thEory' is the first solo album from Steve Sense (Guitar Player Magazine’s Superstar 2009) and album that not only shows Guitar Player Magazine know a gifted and guitar player when they hear one, but also that Global Music know one as well.

Senes not only writes and performs on the album but also produced, engineered and mixed the album as well, so again, highlighting a very talented guy indeed.  You know if you’ve read any of my reviews of guitar instrumental album before that I have to be in a certain frame of mind to listen to most of them, mostly because the album are so intense and self motivated that I as a reviewer seem to step outside the box and don’t become engrossed as maybe I should. But this is one album that is way out there as one of those rare exceptions to the fact. This is an album that I became instantly attached to, not only as a reviewer, but as a listener. The album draws you in and takes hold of you from the first few chords of the opener ‘The Swani’ and takes you on a magic six stringed carpet ride right until the final fading moments of the closer ‘The Afterglow’.

The mix of Rock, Metal and Blues, Spanish Guitar and much more are just spell binding, the soar away rhythms of 'Ruth' will just blow you away, the race away licks of ‘Highball’ will just rock your world, even the 70’s funko jazz of 'Cop Show' will bring out the Huggy Bear in all of you.

But being a bit of Metalhead from time to time it’s the heavier guitar work of the likes of ‘Facecheck’ and ‘Colossus' really get the metal flowing in my veins, but it’s the outstanding ‘Jam Bomb’ that really gets the blood to pumping.  This is a stunning piece of heady guitar licks mixed with some funky bass licks in a what I like to describe as Funkometal.

This is one of hell of debut solo release and one that will put the name of Steve Senes on the lips of every guitar orientated music fan the world over, a real star is born. 


1. The Swami
2. Greaseball
3. Ruth
4. Highball
5. Cop Show
6. Facecheck
7. High & Mighty
8. Colossus
9. Angel
10. Jam Bomb
11. Mare Tranquillitatis
12. The Afterglow



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