Artist: Sepultura
   Title: Roorback
   Label: SPV Records

Roorback is Sepultura’s ninth studio album and also the third one to feature the vocals of Derrick Green as the very fitting replacement for Max Cavelera. He has been a more than worthy replacement since Max left the band in 1996 to form Soulfly.

‘Roorback’ – it’s name taken from the American term for ‘a slanderous story used for political gain’, will have many Sepultura fans approval as with their album before, the band are not afraid to experiment and bring new ideas into the fore.

Roorback is still very much a full throttle metal album that steamrollers its way through your senses. Sepultura may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these Brazilian hardcore metallers have made their mark on the music industry with the sound that is Sepultura. This latest album will have them moshing in the aisles as they did at three totally sold out gigs in London’s prestigious Underworld club earlier this year.

A limited edition will be released as a double digit-pack with a bonus disc called ‘Revolusongs’. The EP will contain cover versions of Hell Hammers ‘Messiah’, Steel Attack’s ‘Angel’, Public Enemy’s ‘Black Steel’, Jane’s addition’s ‘Mountain Song’, Devo’s all time classic ‘Mongoloid’, U2’s ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ (that also will appear as an enhanced video track on the EP), and lastly Exodus’s ‘Piranha’. Showing again the diversity of the band and the way in which they tackle their music.


   1. Come Back Alive
   2. Godless
   3. Apes Of God
   4. More Of The Same
   5. Urge
   6. Corrupted
   7. As It Is
   8. Mind War
   9. Leech
  10. The Rift
  11. Bottomed out
  12. Activist
  13. Outro
  14. Bullet The Blue Sky (Bonus Track)
  15. Bullet The Blue Sky (Video)


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