Artist: Serberus
   Title: Our Dying Grace
   Label: Independent Release

Stick this CD into your CD Rom and the first thing you'll be greeted with is what looks very much like a website front page. This is just one of the many things that makes this album a valid addition to any death metal heads collection.

Not only do you get to hear their new tracks, which are much heavier than their previous material, but you also get to find out what the band are all about and hear their debut EP 'In Eternity' for free into the bargain.

If you like it loud and angry then what you get for your money here is well worth it. In fact they give you more than any other band I've come across but musically and in additional content.

Serberus have managed to mix thrash metal, death metal, black metal and power metal all into one big pot and what comes out is this worthy offering. They come from Denver and they know how to disturb the neighbours, and the parents, with the best of them.

Let's have a look around and see what goodies the guys have laid on for us. First section is 'Discography', which points you in the right direction with regards to their earlier material and the compilations their songs have been featured on.

Next up we have 'Biography'. Here you'll find the background on the band, which is something a lot of fans are always eager to know.

'Line Up' - find out everything you could ever want to on each member of the band, together with some good quality images. 'Interview' - get to read what the band think of their own material. 'Reviews' - the good, the bad and the ugly are here. Give them their due they haven't chosen the top 5 reviews that sang their praises. They'd rather you heard it warts and all and then make up your own mind.

'Lyrics' - You might not be able to catch the words to the songs but at least you can read them. Here we have the words to 'Our Dying Grace', 'Dark Dream' and 'Ancient Throne'.

One section that will really thrill the pants off all you death metal heads out there is the 'Video' section. Here you have not one, but two live video's of the band. Both hot at Halloween and make the band look sicker and more worrying than Slipknot, but with the dark undertones of Cradle of Filth. Truly disturbing. They look sick, they sound nasty, they are every mother's nightmare, yet every child of darkness and noise's wildest dream come true.

Go to the MP3 section and you'll hear the tracks from their debut EP which is now sadly out of print. I guess the huge response to it when it was first released was more than they had expected. Good to see the band making an effort to let their newer fans hear their earlier material so that they can compare the two and see just how far they have come in such a short space of time.

The whole CD is thoroughly sick and very evil, if you like this kind of thing you gonna want to check these guys out. If not then best not venture there because it truly is a scary place to play in the minds of Serberus


   1. Ancient Throne
   2. Dark Dream
   3. In Eternity
   4. Gates of Fire
   5. Ancient Throne (live at
The Bluebird)





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