Artist: Serberus 
   Title: In Eternity
   Label: Independent Release

This four piece band from Denver offers us a tasty treat of black metal with this debut EP. The opening track 'Ancient Throne' is dark and heavy and features the vocals of Dave Otero. 'Dark Dream' takes us one step faster and this time it's Ivan Alcala who takes over the role of vocalist.

The EP also includes a live version of 'Ancient Throne' which reminds me a lot of Metallica's Master of Puppets. By and large this band seem to be a throwback to the mighty Venom who led the way for many of the black metal bands that were to follow.

An interesting introduction to this band and it's music and it's always reassuring to hear that live their delivery is every bit as good if not better than the tweaked studio version. Keep an eye out for their full length CD which should be available around February/March 2001.



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