Artist: Seren 
   Title: Born Of Ashes
   Label: Neres Recrods

A very promising starter from this band. Each of the songs gives you an insight into the wealth of talent captured in this line-up. The songs change tempo and mood slickly and smoothly on this EP as if it was second nature to the band.

'Full to Empty' will appeal to a large proportion of rock fans who like a bit of variety in their songs. The song opens with an intricate guitar piece that captures your attention straight away and holds it there for the full duration of the song.

'Last of Seasons' is a much more mellow track with a thoughtfully timed layout and delivery and is my personal favourite out of the three.

'Born of Ashes' is quite arousing and shows the use of both drummer and guitarists to their best effect yet. Quite the epic adventure that the band are likely to follow up on with future releases. There are few bands out there that would be so bold as to attempt such complex tracks on their first release. However Seren have never been afraid to bare their souls and give us a very strong indication of what's in store.

All songs are written, engineered and produced by Messrs Cohen and McDonald, and what an excellent job they've done too. The weakest link however is the singer Andy Sherlock who although he does a good job on the songs, he does not have seem to have the vocal capability to give them the worthy sound that they require. Hopefully the right vocalist will be found to take this band from being good vocally and worthy musically into the spotlight that they deserve.

This much talent in one band would be such a shame to let go to waste. So very close this EP is definitely worth checking out and don't forget to try and catch them out on the road as well.


   1. Full to Empty
   2. Last of Seasons
   3. Born of Ashes






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