Artist: Seventh Key  
   Title:  I Will Survive
   Label: Frontiers Records  

'I Will Survive' is the much-anticipated third album from Billy Greer and Mike Slamer’s Seventh Key, once again the pair have come up with a truly magical release with the help of Chet Wynd on drums, that mixes so many elements that you're forever finding new elements that make you come back to this album time and time again.

From the off Greer brings in that Streets / Kansas vocal might to the mix, with the fantastic title track ‘I Will Survive’.  A great taste of what’s come from the rest of the album and you shortly forget it's been nearly nine years since their last studio album 'The Raging Fire’.

The album's high quality continues with the bass driven hard rocker ’Lay It On The Line’, this one brings together all the great elements of the three main protagonists into one quite superb slice of melody driven rock.

The tempo is brought down a touch with the ballad ‘I See You There’, before being brought back up big style with the excellent ‘It's Just A State Of Mind’, another great melody rich rocker to really get your teeth into.  Imagine Kansas with a bit more edge.

It's back to the ballads for the haunting almost folkish elements of ‘Sea Of Dreams’, a song that wouldn’t go amiss on any Fairport Convention album, with its soaring violins courtesy of David Ragsdale, before returning to the traditional melodic rock sound for AOR infused ‘Time And Time Again’.

The tempo is picked up once again with ‘When Love Sets You Free’ and the modern rocker ‘Down’, before the more traditional tone of ‘The Only One, then it's time for an old school power ballad with ‘What Love’s Supposed To Be’.  Before the album comes to a close we go out on a high with ‘I Want It All‘, a real mix of Prog elements that drive this one and rounds off a well rounded album that may have been some nine years coming, but one that's sure been worth the wait.

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1.  I Will Survive 
2. Lay It On The Line
3. I See You There
4. It's Just A State Of Mind
5. Sea of Dreams
6. Time And Time Again
7. When Love Sets You Free
8. Down
9. The Only One
10. What Love's Supposed To Be
11. I Want It All  



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