Artist: The Seventh Power  
   Title: The Seventh Power
   Label: Retroactive Records

One of the most highly regarded guitar players in the Christian Metal field is none other than Bill Menchen.  His work with Titanic and Final Axe is renowned among the genre and again he has taken his innovative style of guitar playing to another level with this his 'The Seventh Power' project, aided and abetted by none other than Robert Sweet of Stryper fame on drums along with Rod Reasner on bass.

This isn’t some eighties hair metal or some pop punk release though, this is a dark and emotive album with Menchen’s vocals adding the overall atmosphere of the album.

The album gets underway with ‘Christ Died’, a poignant yet dark opener that highlights Menchen’s own vocal style along with his trademark guitar sound, and with Sweet on the kit, you know the drumming is going to be top notch.

The dark almost Sabbathesque sound is carried on throughout the album and continues with ‘Enthroned’ another guitar rich track with somewhat of a futuristic feel as Menchen carves his own niche on the track, along with the pummelling bass of Reasner.

The grinding metal of 'Far From Fear' just has to be heard to be appreciated, with Menchen at his fanatic best.  Other highlights have to be the huge ‘Human Sacrifice’ and the equally superb deeply dark ‘Ocean Of Emotion’.

The endless power enthused guitar work of Menchen takes the album to new levels in a genre that has taken some stick over the years for its blatant eighties sound, but this album is another beast altogether and really highlights the vast array of talent out there in the Christian Metal world.  Menchen for one is aiming at a greater audience with this album as it's crunching metal sound is fresh and highly addictive and is sure to set the genre in good stead for years to come.


1 Christ Died
2 Enthroned
3 Eyes In The Skies
4 Far From Fear
5 Heaven's Gates
6 Human Sacrifice
7 Ocean Of Emotion
8 Possessor Of You
9 Seven Golden Lampstands
10 The Power


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