Artist: Seventh Wonder 
   Title: Waiting In The Wings
   Label: Lion Music

Former Mankind band members Andrea’s Blomqvist, Johan Liefvendahl and Johnny Sandin formed Seventh Wonder when they found themselves without a band but still had the passion to perform.  After the demise of Mankind they sought solace by forming their own new project back in 2000.

With this new band came a new sound, a more progressive edge and as with all progressive music you need a keyboard player, so in steps Andreas Soderin or Kyrt as he's known to the band.  The band then needed a front man to complete the line-up and they thought they found their ideal man in Andi Kravlijaca, but after the bands debut release ‘Become’ was recorded, Andi left the band.

However, this didn’t deter the band and in 2005 ex-Vindictiv front man Tommy Karevik joined the band, just as ‘Become’ was due for release.

The band quickly returned to the studio to record their latest release ‘Waiting In The Wings’, an album that surpassed the bands debut by miles, which I think is largely due to the formidable talent that is Karevik.

The album gets off to a fantastic start with ‘Star Of David’, a great start to any album with Karevik’s vocals reigning supreme .  This is mixed with some wonderful guitar, bass and keyboard duels between Liefvendahl, Blomqvist and Soderin.

The intensity and majesty of the album continues with one of my favourite tracks of the album ‘ Taint The Sky’, the heavy bass lines at the beginning lead nicely into the flurry of guitar riffs that follow and the gentle harmonies of Karevik’s vocals.

The grandiose of the next track ‘Waiting In The Wings’ is just unmatched by anything I’ve heard this year and although its 9:18 minutes long, you will just lose yourself in its splendour and you'll find that this time seems to pass by in an instant.

The progressive edge to the album continues and even when the band bring a little darker mood to the album with ‘Banish The Wicked’, the high quality of song remains the consistent throughout the album.

The tempo is picked up a notch or two with ‘Not An Angel’, another great song and one where Karevik once again shines as a real vocal force to be reckoned with.

Another monstrous song is ‘Devils Inc.’, a song that sways from the intense to the melodic in the blink of an eye and the mid section of this track is just a great mix of some really thumbing bass, some outstanding virtuoso guitars, and some haunting keyboards and this is what really makes me tick when it comes to great progressive rock.

The next track ‘Walking Tall’ is the shortest track on the album at 4:20, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks the intensity and quality of the rest of the album as it's just as splendid any of the rest.

The album closes with ‘The Edge Of My Blade’, a tale of a warrior who battles with his inner demons.  Yet again another superb track that mixes up tempo beats with some stirring keyboard and the excellent vocals from Karevik once more.

I’m a big fan of the band Threshold and this album is the closest thing I’ve heard to the splendour of that band to date.  I can't help but feel deep in my heart that fans of good progressive metal/rock will simply adore this new album from Seventh Wonder.


1. Star of David
2. Taint the Sky
3. Waiting in the Wings
4. Banish the Wicked
5. Not an Angel
6. Devil's Inc
7. Walking Tall
8. The Edge of My Blade


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