Artist: Seven Wishes
   Title: Destination : Alive
   Label: MTM Music

'Destination: Alive' is the long awaited third release from Seven Wishes.  It's also in my opinion, their strongest album to date.  With a couple of line up changes since their second release 'Utopia', out has gone Linda Gustafsson and Anthony Cedergren, and replacing them are Leonid Karlsson and Toby Andersson.  Leaving only Tony Westgard and Pelle Andersson remaining from the 2001 line up.

'Destination: Alive' sees the band reinventing themselves with a new image, a new label, and an overall positive attitude.  After all the band have been through since the release of their second album, it's good to see they have managed to put all their troubles behind them.  They've come out fighting the best way they know with a stunning new album.

The obvious comparison between Andersson's voice and that of Don Dokken have been well noted on the past two releases, but this time there is that little bit extra with Pelle once again giving his all, but varying his vocal range with this album. 

The opening track 'Cross My Heart' is a prime example of this, with an opening flurry of guitar and drums, then Pelle lets rip with that distinctive vocal style of his.  The guitar work of new guitarist Toby Andersson shining through without being overstated.

The same high quality continues on the following track 'Wont See Me Cry', which is pure Melodic Hard Rock at its very best, with an up tempo beat and catchy chorus.

'Fortuneteller' is a fantastic track that just improves with every listen.  Pelle's vocals seem to haunt the track and the guitar just being stroked into submission by Toby Andersson all help to make this one gem of a track.  'Follow the Stars' is another fine track with its catchy chorus and mid tempo guitar riffs.

You can't help but get the feeling with the next track, 'Goes Around Comes Around', that it's aimed towards someone in particular.  Especially if you know a little of the bands history and the problems they had with their previous label.  The line ''Backstabbing human, were you born as a liar...'' stands out in particular.  Hmm, I wonder who that could be?  This particular song gives off a lot of energy when you're listening to it and bounces along very nicely, perhaps a one for the clubs?

The next track 'Time To Say Goodbye' is the first of the ballads on the album and is a very melancholy track.  The tempo is brought back up a few notches with 'See Through The Lies' that is one of my favourite tracks on the album just for its excellent drums and guitar.

'All That I Wanted' is probably one of the weakest tracks on the album although it is saved by the guitar work midway through the track.  The heavy guitars on 'Picked Up The Pieces' make this a phenomenal track.

The second ballad and my favourite track on the album 'Gone With The Wind' is almost the perfect rock ballad with its almost larger-than-life feel about it.  It just goes to show the sheer versatility of Pelle's vocals.  The final track 'Like A Cardhouse' finishes off the album as it started with a powerful Melodic Rock track.

The two new members of the band seem to have brought a new depth to the band, that and the emotional turmoil the original band members have experienced over the last few years.  With the maturity of the song writing being some of the bands best so far, and this more commercially acceptable collection of songs, I think this album could be the one to give Seven Wishes the break that they deserve


   1. Destination: Alive
   2. Cross My Heart
   3. Won't See me Cry
   4. Fortuneteller
   5. Follow The Stars
   6. Goes Around Comes Around
   7. Time To Say Goodbye
   8. See Through The Lies
   9. All That I Wanted
  10. Picked Up My Pieces
  11. Gone Like The Wind
  12. Like A Cardhouse


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