Artist:  Shadowman
   Title: Watching Over You
   Label: Escape Music

In the eighties the words Super Group were thrown about when great names in rock came together for albums and tours, today we call them collaborations and with the internet connecting artists around the globe, we see more and more artists coming together by file sharing.  This is felt in some genres more than others and the Melodic and Hard Rock genres have taken full advantage of this new media and put together some cracking bands.  One of the best around today is Shadowman which sees Steve Overland of FM, Steve Morris from Heartland and Chris Childs and Harry James both of Thunder come together for the creation of the bands new album 'Watching Over You’.

This is the bands fourth release in seven years and again shows not only why Overland is regarded as one of the finest Melodic Rock vocalists in the genre today, but also with the wealth of talent the rest of the band has added to the fact Tommy Hansen does the mixing duties again, while Morris himself handles the production duties.  Be prepared for one of the best Melodic Rock releases of the year so far.  

The album get's underway with ‘Across The Universe’, a real classy mid tempoed rocker that instantly sets the quality at its highest level and from here in there is no turning back as you instantly become gripped.

The great rockin’ continues with one of the tracks of the album for me ‘Renegades’.  Anyone who thinks the world of Melodic Rock is all pink and pretty love songs will have to think again, this one rocks big style as James and Childs lays down a chunky back beat for Morris to fire it up on guitar and keys, with the cherry on the top of the cake being Overland, who is his normal stunning.

After two sublime rockers its time to bring things to bring it down a touch with the bluesy ‘Cry’, before bringing it straight back up again with three great tracks one after the other, starting off with the title track ‘Watching Over You’, the excellent ‘Are You Ready’, which is followed by the melody rich ‘Suzanne’, where Morris again lays down some great guitars and a great keyboard middle section.

The band bring another slice of blues driven rock with another of my favourites off the album in ‘Waiting For A Miracle’, another real meaty slice of Melodic Rock, this time with a thumping bass line running through it courtesy of Childs, with  Morris providing some fine guitar work throughout.

I don’t know whether it's just me or not, but Steve Overland’s vocals just seem to have got better and better over the years and where he really shines on this album is on the likes of ‘Stop Breaking This Heart Of Mine’ and the outstanding ‘Heaven Waits’, two pure bred Melodic Rock songs that highlight perfectly not only the song writing qualities of Overland and Morris, but also the bands all-star line-up.

The tempo is picked up a touch with ‘Whatever It Takes’, then turned up another notch on ‘Justify’, before things get a little funky with the album closer ‘Party Is Over’, which rounds off another great album from the band.  There is however one fault with this album and that is that is has to come to a finish, but that is easily remedied as it's time to start it all over again and get the party started once more!


1. Across The Universe
2. Renegades
3. Cry
4. Watching Over You
5. Are You Ready
6. Suzanne
7. Waiting For A Miracle
8. Stop Breaking This Heart Of Mine
9. Heaven Waits
10. Whatever It Takes
11. Justify
12. Party Is Over



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