Artist: Shadowside  
   Title:  Inner Monster Out
   Label: Inner Wound Recordings  

Shadowside hit the ground running back in 2001, when the Brazilian Metallers re-wrote to rule book on Brazilian Metal, as they mixed Hard Rock, Thrash and Heavy Metal in one tight unique package.  This was all led by the vocal prowess of leading lady Dani Nolden.  The band created such a buzz which quickly led to support slots for the likes of Nightwish and Primal Fear, as well as many well deserved awards and accolades in their homeland.

With the release of the their debut album 'Theatre of Shadows' in 2007, the band set about world domination, then in 2009 they continued their assault with their 'Dare To Dream'. 

Now in 2012 they are back and Nolden, Raphael Mattos (guitar), Ricardo Piccoli (bass) and Fabio Buitvidas (drums), return with their most impressive album to date ‘Inner Monster Out’.

The album again mixes the Hard Rock, Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal elements with such panache and power, this release will surely to be regarded by many as one of the Metal albums of the year.

Things get underway in emphatic style with ‘Gag Order’ and immediately Nolden makes her mark as she unleashes a power driven vocal, that is matched ounce for ounce with the power licks of Mattos, the booming bass and drums of Piccoli and Buitvidas, on this hard hitting opener. 

Things continue in a similar vein with ‘Angel with Horns’, but this time with even bigger bass lines and skin ripping drums.  Although it’s the power of Nolden that really shines, as she sustains that power throughout without losing any grace.  The sign of a truly great vocalist.

The album delves deep into the heady bass lines once more with the thumping ‘Habitchual’ and the equally impressive ‘In The Name Of Love’. 

The title track ‘Inner Monster Out’ finds Nolden joined by the guest vocals of feat. Björn "Speed" Strid, Mikael Stanne and Niklas Isfeldt.  Another great cross-over of metal genres.  This one has it all, growls, power, haunting and also angst vocals.  With so many differing vocal styles, this is a real schizophrenic metal overture.

The band step on the gas a touch more with the rampaging ‘I’m Your Mind’ and the storming ‘My Disrupted Reality’, before unleashing the riff loaded monster that is ‘A Smile Upon Death’.  Next they bring it down a touch with the rocking ‘Whatever Our Fortune’, then it's back on gas with the heady bass once more for ‘A.D.D.’ and the punky metal of ‘Waste Of Life’. 

The album closes with a massive massive cover of the Motorhead classic ‘Ace Of Spades’.  This blistering cover closes what is sure to be the album that will see Shadowside on many European Festival stages next year, where we can all unleash our inner monsters!  


1. Gag Order
2. Angel With Horns
3. Habitchual
4. In The Name Of Love
5. Inner Monster Out
6. I'm Your Mind
7. My Disrupted Reality
8. A Smile Upon Death
9. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. waste Of Life
12. Ace Of Spades   



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