Artist: Shameless  
   Title: Beautiful Disaster 
   Label: RSR Music  

To many, myself included, the 80’s was all about the Sunset Strip and Glam and Hair Metal, but the late Eighties became infested with a parasitic cancer called Grunge, which saw the decline of all that was Glam and Glitter, bands began finding their shoes more interesting than the people who came out to see them and Plaid shirts replaced the cut down t-shirts and lipstick, and make-up was returned to your sisters make-up boxes.

But in recent years there has been a resurgence in that 80’s vibe, although in between then and now some bands have stuck to their guns and defied the status quo and the trends and have had their hearts firmly tattooed with Hollywood and The Strip.

One of these bands is Shameless, a band led by Germany’s Alexx Michael, who put the band together back in 1989, only to fold in 1991.  But this wasn’t the end of Shameless, just the first chapter as in 1998 Michael reformed Shameless with Kiss and Alice Cooper skinsman Eric Singer and friend B.C.

It was their 'Queen for a Day' opus that saw Shameless take to the world stage, with a guestlist reading like a who's who of Glam and Hair Metal.  It also heralded the cementation of Stevie Summers and Steve Rachelle that made this and subsequent albums, such hits amongst the Glam fraternity. 

Now in 2013 the band return with their sixth studio release and what is without a doubt their finest to date, 'Beautiful Disaster'.   The album takes the 80’s Hair Metal mantra to a whole new level, with 10 original songs and two superb covers offering the listening plenty of aural pleasure.

The album opens up with ‘Greed is God’ which Steve ‘Sex’ Summers shows he hasn’t lost any of the vocal prowess we knew from his Pretty Boy Floyd days, this is modern Glam Metal at its very best.  The album continues to impress with ‘Dear Mum’ and the excellent ‘You’re Not Cinderella’, the latter being pure Shameless as they put a modern spin on that Sunset sound, this is Hollywood from the darkside.

The first single from the album ‘Forever Ends Today’ is next a real angsty vocal from Summers is the driving force behind this one, this one could have easily been on any of the Pretty Boy Floyd albums a real rock n roll anthem and the perfect choice for the first single.

The band shows off their almost Gothic darkside with the full on ‘Fiction & Reality’ imagine a more menacing Murderdolls for this one, before the superb ballad ‘You’re Not Comin' Home’ this one really pulls at the heart strings and is one of the finest ballads the band has ever done.

One of my favourite tracks off the album (and I have quite a few!) is ‘Train To Hell’, a rip snorting slice of sleaze that not only  leaves you at the station, this one picks you up and takes you on a glam ride you won't forget.

Next up is one of the two excellent covers on the album the cover of the Alice Cooper classic ‘Eighteen’, featuring on vocal might of Steve Rachelle (from Hell), to take on such this classic is brave, but the band really have done this one proud.  This one of my all time favourite Cooper songs and I just love this version.

The mellower side of things continues with another ballad ‘Hold On To Your Dreams’, before the tempo picks back up again with a bang, with the all guns blazing homage to ‘Rock n' Roll Girls’.  Once again the spirit of The Strip is brought kicking and screaming into the now.

The album closes with the second of the covers, this time T-Rex is given a Shameless makeover on ‘Life’s A Gas’.  This song features Runaway Cherie Currie, which is actually the singer’s first appearance in the recording studio since 1980 and what a way to make a return!  Like the Alice Cooper cover before it, the band have made this one their own.  This wraps up what is without a doubt the finest Shameless album to date and one that I highly recommend you check out whether you're a long time fan of the band like myself, or just someone who's curious as to who these glam rockers are. 

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Greed Is God
2. Dear Mum
3. You're Not Cinderella
4. Forever Ends Today
5. Fiction & Reality
6. You're Not Comin' Home
7. Train To Hell
8. Eighteen
9. Hold On To Your Dreams
10. Rock N' Roll Girls
11. Life's A Gas    



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