Artist: Shannon 
   Title: Angel In Disguise
   Label: MusicBuyMail Records

Well so far 2008 has been a monstrous year for great albums from many genres, one of those bands that are sure to make their presence felt in 2008 are French rockers Shannon, who return with their 2nd album 'Angel In Disguise' proving once again that the band sure do know how to unleash an mighty slice of Melodic/Hard Rock.

The album opens up in great style with ‘Do Your Know’, with Olivier Del Valle delivering a powerful vocal performance along with the great guitar work of Patrice Louis.  This is very much an album that will appeal to the diehard Melodic Rock fans into the likes of Bonfire, Helix, Krokus and the like, featuring some great guitar riffs mixed with a thunderous vocal talent.

The album continues with ‘Hungry For Love’, again it’s a mix of European Metal with a hint of 80’s US Californication, a great mix indeed.  This is followed up with ‘No More Lies’, another heavily guitar laden track where Del Valle really shows his vocal power throughout the track, along with some subtle but intricate guitars from Louis, while the backbone of Dagnicourt on keys, Fixy on bass and Bergerolle on drums, keep the rhythm going while Louis concentrates on the licks.

A track that has that definite West Coast of the US feel is ‘Keep On Rolling’, this is one of my favourite tracks off the album and will surely have many of you reminiscing about the heyday of this genre.  Think Firehouse, this one has that kind of vibe to it.

Louis lays down the first few chords of the next one ‘No Better Times’ before the song opens up into another great feel good Rock n' Roll song. 

Those good times Rock n' Roll just keep on coming as track after track they gets you hooked in with the likes of the tender ballad ‘On And On’, the up tempo rocker ‘Love In Your Eyes’ and another of my favourites ‘Long Gone’, with its great vocal and even better guitars.

'Winters Night' is a great all out rocker from start to finish with Del Valle once again shines vocally, as he does on the fantastic ‘Coming Back To You’ and the riff spewn ‘Hang On’ both great rocking tracks.

With the album almost at a close the band don’t let the rocking slow down an instant, as ‘Change Your Heart’ and ‘Road To Desire’ close what is a very good album indeed.

To say this band are a breath of fresh air to the scene isn’t completely true, what they have put together is an album that takes those of us who were around when the Melodic Rock scene was at its most vibrant, back to a time when all was good with the world of Melodic Rock.  Let's face it, I like most would like to have those glory days back but I’m afraid in the current climate this isn’t gonna happen.  But when new bands can produce an album of this calibre, there is hope of a mini revival, so support the new bands in this genre, especially the likes Shannon who have so much to offer the scene.


1 Do You Know?
2 Hungry For Love
3 No More Lies
4 Keep On Rolling
5 No Better Times
6 On And On
7 Love In Your Eyes
8 Long Gone
9 Winter Night
10 Coming Back To You
11 Hang On
12 Change Your Heart
13 Road Of Desire


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