Artist: Shelter 
   Title: Eternal
   Label: Dockyard 1

Ray Cappo brought the US hard-core sound out of the underground scene and into the mainstream back in the nineties, firstly with Youth of Today, but then when that band ended he went to India, came back a Krishna, then teamed up with former YOT guitarist Porcell to form Shelter.

With his Krishna teachings Cappo set about to bring clean living, spirituality and vegetarianism to a punk scene that was a million miles away from a clean living lifestyle. The band had six successful albums under their belt but when a accident involving the bands tour bus in 1996 and several band members were hurt, Porcell left the band.  Cappo returned to his spiritual life and eventually put the band on hold in 2001.

After a hiatus of five years Shelter are back and with a new album of songs that Cappo had written but never recorded.

The album opens up with ‘Meant To Be’, a very energetic song that reminds me of the Mighty Might Bostones, a band that probably got its sound from the likes of Youth of Today and Shelter.

The album continues in similar vein with ‘Built To Resist’, but it’s the title track ‘Eternal’ that is the real stand out track on the album, with its up tempo beat and catchy chorus.

Another standout track is the infectious grooves of ‘First Priority’, its rocks along at a great pace.

Things slow down a touch with ‘Back To Vrindaven’, but it's soon back to the up tempo feel of the album with ‘My Chance To Live’.  Although it's not for long as the semi acoustic ‘Amend’ balances out the mid section of the album.

After more infectious soundings on ‘Return To Eden’, the band revamp the opening track of their 1991 album ‘Quest For Certainty’, the song ‘In Defence of Reality’.

The final two tracks on the album are two of the best songs on the album ‘Lotus-like’, a song that will appeal to all Ramones fans it has that feel to it. The final song ‘Authenticity’, which is another great track that is full of infectious guitars and a great chorus and rounds of a great album an album worthy of the Shelter name



1. Meant to Be
2. Built to Resist
3. Eternal
4. First Priority
5. Back to Vrindavan
6. My chance to Live
7. Amend
8. Return to Eden
9. In defence of Reality
10. Lotus-like
11. Authenticity


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