Artist: Shooting Star 
   Title: Circles
   Label: Frontiers Records

Not many bands can say they’ve been recording artists for 27 years and I can say with hand on heart, that many of the new bands making it on to the circuit at the moment will not last anywhere near that length of time.  But that’s what Shooting Star celebrate this year and after a short hiatus from the whole music scene the band are back and this time they’ve brought in Kevin Chalfant, one of the best vocalists in the melodic rock genre today.  Joining the nucleus of the band that started it all back in the early 60's are Van McLain, Ron Verlin and Steve Thomas, who are joined by Dennis Laffoon on keyboards, who joined the band originally in 1990 and finally Shane Michaels on violin.

With Chalfant at the helm the Shooting Star sound has been recaptured and brought up to date, as the opener ‘Runaway’ shows what the melodic rock scene has been missing for the past few years.

Chalfant’s vocals mix well with the time old Shooting Star sound, his vocals bring life to the rockier songs like ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and depth to the slower ballads like ‘Without Love’.

The band sweep away the years with great songs like the excellent ‘Borrowed Time’ and one of my favourite tracks off the album, the up tempo ‘Everybody’s Crazy’.

One track where the violin of Michaels really shines is on ‘Temptation’ this gentle track is a cut above the norm for any melodic rock song about at the moment.

The album sways away from the gentler stuff with some great melodic hard rock with ‘I’m A Survivor’, a song that sums up the whole Shooting Star vibe at the moment.

The final two tracks on the album really are the icing on the cake.  Starting off with some soaring keyboards from Laffoon at the start of ‘We’re Not Alone’ and continuing throughout the entire song. The album closes with the mellow guitars of McLain and Chalfants magical vocals bringing ‘What Love Is’ to life.

Fans of the band will welcome this album with open arms and fans of Chalfant know what to expect from him.  Together they seem to have a complete package here. So let's hope like Hailey’s Comet Shooting Star keep coming round and the flames never burn out.


1. Runaway
2. Without Love
3. Trouble in Paradise
4. George's Song
5. Borrowed Time
6. Everybody's Crazy
7. Temptation
8. I'm A Survivor
9. We're Not Alone
10. What Love Is


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