Artist: Shortino 
   Title: Chasing My Dream
   Label: Metal Heaven

It’s been a while coming but finally here it is, the new Paul Shortino album 'Chasing My Dream'.  Once again this is Shortino taking his unmistakable vocal to the limits.  For this release Shortino has hooked up with Michael Voss plus Roland Bergmann, Michael Mueller, Johnny Douglas and Ralf Heyne, all of whom  make contributions on either bass or guitar on this Shortino’s finest album to date.

The album opens up with ‘Remember You’ and instantly Shortino’s vocals sends shivers down your spine and along with Voss’s guitars which really give this one the Melodic Rock treatment.

One of my favourite tracks off the album has to be the next one ‘To The Cross’ this one rocks big style stirring guitars and Shortino’s gravel soaked vocals power on through on this one. 

‘Prelude Missing’ is just that, a short Spanish guitar and keyboard piece that takes you gently into ‘Missing’, which is a gentle ballad.  Then it's back to rockier material with ‘Nocturnal’, which starts from humble beginning before Voss’s guitars bring the track fully to life in great style with some mean tuned down guitar riffs.

The up tempo stuff keeps on coming with yet another of my favourites ‘Side FX’.  Another great hard rocker with a modern twist on the genre.  A great track to get down to with it's big rhythms throughout, I can see this one going down a storm on the live front. 

The great melodies just keep on coming with another superb track in the shape of ‘Alone They Ride’, which has to be my all out favourite song off the album.  It really is in a class of its own with Shortino's vocals simply stunning throughout this song.

The ballad ‘Chasing Your Dream’ follows before leading us on to the hard rocking tones of ‘Great Dreamer’, both superb Melodic Rock tracks at each end of the scale.

There’s so many great tracks on this album and another favourite of mine is the mellow tones of ‘Take My Heart And Run’, a song that has a kind of Springsteen feel about it.  Things come to a close in style with ‘Promises’, another superb ballad, which rounds off what is a great return by Shortino. 

As you can probably tell by now I really enjoyed listening to this album and the songs that feature on it.  They're all my favourites if I'm honest, such is the high quality of musicianship on this release. I'm confident that this collaboration between Shortino and Voss is one that will again cement Shortino’s name on the lips of all his fans and fans of great Melodic Hard Rock.  Let's hope there’s a lot more to come from the pair in the not too distant future.



1. Remember You
2. To The Cross
3. Prelude Missing
4. Missing
5. Nocturnal
6. Side F.X.
7. Alone They Ride
8. Chasing Your Dream
9. Great Dreamer
10. Take My Heart And Run
11. Promises
12. Plan Of Attack (bonus track)




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