Artist: Shortino/Northrup 
   Title: Afterlife
   Label: SPV Records

After an absence of over ten years since their last album ‘Back on Track’, they once again combine to produce one of the finest pieces of quality music I have heard for sometime.

Paul Shortino’s vocals are still as strong as ever and this album takes you back to his Ruff Cutt days with the quality of song writing and guitar work by Jeff Northrup is second to none.

The opening track 'Here I Am' is a perfect example of the quality you can expect from the rest of the album, some brilliant guitar work and the unmistakable vocals of Shortino are quite superb.

The title track 'Afterlife' has the perfect mix of keyboards and guitar and once again Shortino's vocals shine through, but they are at their best on 'Like A Stone' one of the highlights for me with its meaningful lyrics that bring a lump to the throat. 'Crazy Mind', a track co-written with Johnny Edwards, who also duets on this track. 'Feel Again' is a quality power ballad that is backed up by the warm drums of B.E. Haggard.

The next two tracks ‘Crossfire’ and ‘Slave’ both have that Whitesnake feel about them with the latter being written again by J Edwards. The slide guitar on ‘Crossfire’ definitely has that Mickey Moody feel. The sultry vocals on 'Slave' make your heart melt and the guitars are equally as intense.

The instrumental ‘Mark My Words’ is a track just waiting for the right words to be come along and do the quality of the musicianship justice. Northrup is the saviour of ‘As I Fall’ as he makes what would be a second class track come to life. The final track ‘Prisoner’ is a ballad of the highest calibre and a worthy end to a superb album lets hope its not 11 years till the next collaboration


1.  Here I Am
2. Afterlife
3. Like a Stone
4. Crazy Mind
5. Feel Again
6. Crossfire
7. Slave
8. Gypsy Soul
9. Mark my Words
10. As I Fall
11. Prisoner


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