Artist: Shylock  
   Title:  Walking Tall
   Label: AOR Heaven  

Although they’ve been around since 1998, my first taste of German Hard Rockers Shylock came with their 'Devolution' album, an album that certainly opened my ears to Matthias Schenk and the boys.

Their follow up album ‘Rockbuster’ again impressed, now in 2013 the footie mad Germans return with their sixth and possibly best album to date.

Joining Schenk again are guitarist Johannes Amrhein, bassist Bernhard Schwingenstein and tub thumper Achim Thiergartner, missing from the line-up of 'Rockbuster' is Michael Bayer, but fear not, the now quartet still delivers an almighty Hard Rock punch as 'Walking Tall' takes up exactly where 'Rockbuster' left off.

Opening up with the title track ‘Walking Tall’ the band hit the ground running as Amrhein unleashes a six string assault from the off, that is capped by the classy vocals of Schenk, all laid down on the solid foundation that is Schwingenstein and Thiergartner.  This is great Hard Rock done as only the Germans can, think Bonfire meets Fair Warning.

The great rocking continues with the excellent anthemic ‘Rock DNA', the sublime lick laden ‘I Can't Wait Now’ and the equally impressive ‘Bridges’.  Then they bring out the big guns with the hard edged ‘What It Takes’, definitely one of THE tracks off the album for me.

You're given no rest bite from the Hard Rock avalanche as the band continues to impress with the thumping rocker ‘Sad To Know’ and the modern edged rocker ‘Sliding Through Emotions’, with the band really pushing the Hard Rock envelope on this one.

It's back to the traditional Hard Rock with storming ‘Taken It Too Far’, before mixing it up once more with another anthem in  the sleazy riffed ‘She Came Along My Way’.  The band follow those beauties up by bring that Bonfire/Fair Warning sound back into the mix with the excellent ‘Right Now Or Never’.

The band bring the tempo down a touch and show a gentler side with the melodic rocker ‘Away From Here’, but this is just a short interval in the hard edged rock, as it's soon back up to speed once more with ‘Touch My Soul’, then it's all change once again as this tremendous album closes with another touch of melodic hard rock with ‘Anything’, which rounds off a great album.  Definitely all killer no filler.  Once again German Hard Rock is 'Walking Tall', enough said!

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1.    Walking Tall
2. Rock DNA
3. I Can't Wait Now
4. Bridges
5. What It Takes
6. Sad To Know
7. Sliding Through Emotions
8. Taken It Too Far
9. She Came Along My Way
10. Right Now Or Never
11. Away From Here
12. Touch My Soul
13. Anything



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