Artist:  Sideburn
   Title: Jail
   Label: Metal Heaven

Born out of the ashes of metal heads Genocide and featuring the vocals of Roland Pierrehumbert with his Brian Johnson / Angry Anderson / Marc Storace vocal style and guitarist Fred Gudit, Sideburn first took it's first steps into the world of rock back in 1997 with the release of there debut ‘Sell Your Soul (For Rock n Roll)'.

Sideburn left the heavy metal sound of Genocide behind them and opted for more of a Hard Rock vibe and with the voice of Pierrehumbert the focus of the bands sound.

The band took a brief break as band member changes and changes in musical trends took its toll on the band.  That was until 2001 when the band came back with their ‘Crocodile’ album, which was followed in 2004 with ‘Gasoline’.  The band were starting to build up quite a following by this point which led to support slots for the likes of Motorhead, Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, Doro, Meat Loaf and fellow Swiss rockers Krokus.

2006 saw the 20th anniversary of the Genocide/Sideburn career and the release of their anthology album ‘Archives’, that release was followed up in 2008 with the studio album ‘Cherry Red’, an album that featured the song 'Six Feet Under’, which was used on the last season of TV show ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Well that’s the history lesson for today over with now for the latest new on Sideburn, fast-forward to 2011 and the band are back bigger and better and with a new album in tow entitled ‘Jail’.

The album is high octane Rock n' Roll at its very best.  Yes the sound is very AC/DC but that hasn’t done any harm to the band before and with the success of Aussie’s Airbourne, the sound that the Young brothers introduced to the world is as popular as ever, and with Pierrehumbert at the mike there was only one way to go.

The album is good foot tapping rock that will have you singing along from the off as the opener ‘Live To Rock’ delivers a real boogie punch.  This is old school with a modern kick, there's many a rock n' roll anthem that's been made of much less.

The same boogie rock vibe is continued with ‘Devil And Angel’, this time with a bit more six-string fuel injection as the tempo is picked up.

It's good time rock n' roll all the way as the album keeps going with air guitar favourites like ‘Rock N Roller’ and the southern boogie ‘Daisy’, before the thumping title track ‘Jail’.  Next we bring it down a touch with ‘Chase The Rainbow’.

It's back up to speed once more with ‘The Red Knight’ and my favourite off the album ‘Long Beard and Boogie’, as the band pay tribute to ZZ Top in true Texas Boogie style.  Then it’s back to the hard rockin’ with the stomping rocker ‘Good Boy’ and the all out rock blitzkrieg that is ‘Kiss Of Death’, before the album closes with a touch of the southern swamp blues with ‘Creedence Vibe’.

I'll be totally honest with you, this isn't a new sound, AC/DC and ZZ Top have been doing it for years but there has always been an army of fans who love it, or else bands like Krokus, Rhino Bucket and more recently Airbourne wouldn’t be playing it to filled venues all over the world.  So take it for what it is, a good vibed Rock N' Roll album that you’ll keep coming back to time and time again.


1. Live To Rock
2. Devil And Angel
3. One Night Stand
4. Rock N' Roller
5. Lazy Daisy
6. Jail
7. Chase The Rainbow
8. The Red Knight
9. Long Beard And Boogie
10. Good Boy
11. Kiss Of Death
12. Creedence Vibe



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