Artist:  Sideburn 
   Title:  Electrify
   Label: AOR Heaven  

2013 sees Swiss rockers Sideburn return with not only a new album, but a new line-up.  Joining vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert and Lionel Blanc joined by three new young guns Lawrence Lina and Mike Riffart on guitars and Nick Thornton on bass.

Don’t worry the resulting band changes haven’t altered what Sideburn are all about the same old school hard rock and it's here in spades with their new album 'Electrify'.

The album is pure riff driven dirty rock n' roll that kicks off at break neck speed with ‘Bite The Bullet’, the licks come thick and fast with the band definitely having that Krokus, Rose Tattoo groove about them, with the new boys living up to the bands previous endeavors and delivering the goods on all levels, especially the duel guitars of Riffart and Lina.

The big licks keep coming with ‘Devil May Care’ and the anthemic Southern vibe of ‘Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock n' Roll’, before slowing things up a touch with the old school grooves of ‘Black Powder’.

There’s a touch of the AC/DC’s about ‘Frontline’ that will appeal to the older rock fans and those young fans who’ve got into the likes of Airbourne in recent years, will get Sideburn for sure.

The album continues its driving groove filled rock with the dirty blues of ‘Never Get Down’, before picking things up big style with ‘Mr Clean’ and the funk filled ‘Shady Katy’, then it's back to the slow blues grooves with the excellent ‘Travellin Man’. 

That Southern vibe is brought back with a vengeance with a touch of slide guitar on ‘Bad Reputation’ and with added harmonica on ‘Destination Nowhere’, before not one, not two, but three bonus tracks!  The first two are live versions of ‘Lazy Daisy’ and ‘Never Kill The Chicken’, with the third bonus track being the excellent 'Rockstar', a song especially written for the Adidas Rockstar event which happened on August 11, 2012 at the Porsche Arena, Stuttgart.  All of which closes off another great feel good rock album that will have you singing along from the first note to the last.  This is how rock n' roll as it was meant to be!

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Bite The Bullet
2. Devil May Care
3. Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock N' Roll
4. Black Powder
5. Frontline
6. Never Get Down
7. Mr Clean
8. Shady Katy
9. Travellin Man
10. Bad Reputation
11. Destination Nowhere
12. Lazy Daisy (live)
13. Never Kill The Chicken (Live)
14. Rockstar   



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