Artist: Siegfried 
   Title: Nibelung
   Label: Napalm Records

'Nibelung' is the latest release from Epic Metallers Siegfried, who once again return with another power enthused album. Here we see Sandra Schlerat, Werner Bialet and Bruder Cle all return on the vocal front together with Johannes Leierer on keyboards, along with songwriter and guitarist Ortwin.  For this album the band have recruited an entire new rhythm section so on bass we have Johannnes Laierer and on drums Patrick Schrittwieser.  Together they have put together nine monstrous metal masterpieces of epic proportions.

You may think you already know the meaning of epic, but from the opening assault of ‘Der Ring Der Nibelungen’ you realise what you thought epic meant was nothing compared to what Siegfried describe as epic.

The monstrous album continues with ‘Fafnir’, again the band push the epic metal envelope as the mighty cello opens this one up before the full force of the band are unleashed once more, as the riffs fill the air.

The album continues it epic path with monstrous results with the dark vibe and bass ridden ‘Die Eisenfaust (Alberich)’ and the tremendous overture that is ‘Die Prophezeihung’.

The titanic metal engulfs the listener with massive tracks like ‘Sachsenstrurm’, which has a real touch of film-score metal this one.

The tempo never ceases as the band continue to show what a tour de force they are with my favourite track off the album ‘Totenwacht’ before rounding the album off with another two monsters ‘Der Todesmarsch’ and ‘Die Gotterdamerung’, both of which cement the fact that this band are ahead of the game when it comes to the Epic Metal genre and I defy anyone to try take their crown away.


01. Der Ring Der Nielungen
02.  Fafnir
03.  Die Eisenfaust (Alberich)
04.  Die Prophezeihung
05.  Brunhild
06.  Sashsenstrurm
07. Totenwacht
08. Der Todesmarsch
09. Die Gotterdammerung 



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