Artist: Sigmunde
   Title: Sigmunde

Ok, before we go any further take a look at the bottom of this article at the names of the track listing on this promo I've been sent. Now then what exactly does the track names suggest to you? Bubble-gum pop/rock? Indie student boppy stuff? What about Nu-Metal?

OK, I'll help you along a bit and save you the frustration of trying to guess which genre this particular band belongs to. Believe it or not it's Nu-Metal! Surprised? Yes so was I!

Opening with the rather interesting ditty 'Malicious Footwear' the deep dark undertones of the guitar and bass give you a taste of what is to come. Lead singer Dan Buckley sways between gentle soft harmonies and brutal primal screams and grunts. Basically they have everything you'd ever want in a Nu-Metal band if that's your bag.

'Ronsonifaction' opens with some very tasteful keyboards and guitars pieces, very tasteful indeed. Then the rap comes in and reminds you what this band is all about. They are for the young, they are for the rebellious. Before long the grunts and screams once more accompany the big fat guitar and bass riffs.

If you're the wrong side of 25 then you're not going to get this music at all. Put it this way the number 666 is screamed out throughout the chorus, and there's more than fair splattering of swear words. If this ever get released on a label it's most definitely gonna need a parental warning all over the front.

However the good news is if you like the kind of bands that grace the boards of the Ozz-fests then this is the band for you. York's very own answer to Coal Chamber is about as close a comparison as I can give you.

Just because it's loud and has big sharp teeth don't be afraid of it. This 5 piece consists of a group of young men who know their way around their instruments and know what the people their age really want to listen to. They've combined this and come up with this rather interesting collection of songs.

My favourite song out of the four is perhaps strangely the hypnotizing track 'Interlude'. Just the mention of Tequila and sound of some air raid sirens and it had me in its claws.

What more can I say except they're young, they're bloody good at what they do, and if you like this kind of music you'd do a hell of a lot worse than spending some time checking them out.


   1. Malicious Footwear
   2. Ronsonifaction
   3. Simon Says
   4. Interlude





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