Artist: Silent Call
   Title: Creations From A Chosen Path
   Label: Escape Music

With the year more than half way through there have been numerous debut releases that have really caught my attention and another band that has floated my boat are Stockholm’s Silent Call.

The bands debut album ‘Creations From A Chosen Path’ once again shows the multitude of talent coming out of Scandinavia over the past few years. The band deliver high class Melodic Progressive Metal that will simply rock your world if you’re into the genre as it did with me.

The band was put together by Daniel Ekholm (guitar) and Patrik Ulfstrom (keyboards), who were joined by the tub thumper Mikael Kvist, bassist extraordinaire Tobbe Moen, with the final slot of vocalist being filled by ex Seventh Wonder / Elsesphere frontman Andi Kravljaca.

Together the quintet have put together one of the Melodic Metal albums of the year for me, an outstanding release that just simply exudes energy and power without being over bombastic or grandiose.  

This quite superb album gets underway with ‘My Way My Time’ and right from the very start of the track, I instantly knew this was going to be an album I would simply love and I wasn’t wrong.  As the big guitar and keyboard intro gets things underway, while the thunderous bass and drums of Moen and Kvist simply explode onto the scene.  Then it’s the icing on the cake, the simply magnificent vocals of Kravljaca that just take the band to another level.  This along with some fine guitar work from Ekholm all go to make this is a superb introduction to the band. 

They continue their impressive path with the excellent ‘Outcast’, again the soaring guitars of Ekholm and the fine vocals of Kravljaca really making their mark on the track, along with the effervescent rhythms of Kvist and Moen keeping everything together.

The band bring the tempo down just a little with another slice of pure Melodic Prog class in the form of ‘I Believe In Me’, the stirring guitars of Ekholm and the keyboards of Ulfsrtom really are the stand out feature of this track as it sweeps and soars along on a carpet of Melody and Grace.

‘Fallen’ is where Ulfstrom comes into his own this is 1 minute 27 seconds of pure keyboard wizardry and acts as an intro into another of my favourite pieces off the album the quite inspirational ‘Rise’.  A great track that builds with every verse into a monument to the bands immense sound.

When an album is this good you just can't believe that this is the bands debut release.  The high-class musicianship from a band that have only been together as a unit since 2006 is just amazing.  This album continues to impress as each track unfolds a piece superior to its predecessor or if not its equal, with this the track of the album for me has to be ‘Hold On’, an intense mix of fiery drums and bass interwoven with a some majestic keys and guitars all topped with Kravljaca’s fabulous vocal.

‘I Come Undone’ and ‘Divided’ once again highlight the superb mix of power and melody the band have put together in a sound that is quite awe inspiring.

I have almost ran out of superlatives to describe how great this album is and I have only reached the half way mark, but I will continue to guide you through as best I can as the album continues with the darker edged ‘Long Comes The Night’ and the almost ballad like tones of ‘Can’t Breathe’.

Another of the many highlights of the album has to be ‘Behold The Dreams’, a great track that again Kravljaca’s claims as his own as he expresses every emotion vocally on this one and with the titanic double kick assault by Kvist and the pummelling bass of Moen, the mix of dark and light is just majestic. 

With the album almost at a close the band pick the pace up a little with another of my personal favourites ‘Bloodred Sky’, again the drums of Kvist stamp their mark on the track along with Uflstrom’s electrifying keys.

The album comes to a close with ‘The Chosen Path’ as Ulfstrom gets this one underway along with Kravljaca's soar away vocals, this one is sees the pair really bring this excellent album to fitting close.

This album is a real masterpiece and I for one can't wait for the second and third albums from the band because these guys have a real future ahead of them if this album is anything to go by.

  1. My Way My Time
  2. Outcast
  3. I Believe In Me
  4. Fallen
  5. Rise
  6. Hold On
  7. I Come Undone
  8. Divided
  9. Long Comes The Night
10. Can't Breathe
11. Behold My Dreams
12. Bloodred Sky
13. The Chosen Path


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