Artist: Silent Call 
   Title: Greed
   Label: Escape Music

It was around 1999 when we started this site that my musical tastes were expanded into the wider Metal fields and one genre in particular, Progressive Metal has always produced some of the finest albums I’ve heard, with bands forever pushing the envelope and bringing this genre to the people with exceptional musicianship and towering melodies.  One such band who were at the threshold of my venture into the genre were Swedes Silent Call. 

The pairing of founding members Patrick Tornblom and Daniel Ekholmand around 1990 saw the pair unite in a common goal to produce solid strong melodic music, but it wasn’t until later 2006 to be precise that the Silent Call as we now know it came to be, when the pair brought in the powerhouse drumming of Mikael Kvist to push the bands sound to new heights and when Tobbe Moen and Andi Kravljaca joined the band to fill bass and vocal duties respectively, the band were formed and the sky was the limit for the band.

The band impressed both media and fans of the genre with their debut album ‘Creations’ in 2008 and now in 2010 the band lift their game once more with their latest album ‘Greed’.  This is again a towering attack on the senses as the band once again push the Progressive and Melodic Metal genres to new heights.

 From the opener ‘Every Day’ right to the final track ‘Clavain’s Tale', the album belts out some superb power driven tunes that will just light up all the right buttons for fans of the genre.

There are a couple of rather special moments on the album for me, the likes of ‘All That Might Be’ with its multi-faceted walls of sound, the massive ‘Dream Tomorrow’ and the epic keyboard infused ‘Falling From Grace’, although my favourite track of the album is the superb ‘Unbreakable’, some of my favourites for sure.  This album is just laced with even more superb monstrously hulking slices of pure Progressive Metal gold, so if you're into this genre or just appreciate superb musicianship and have a penchant for great Metal, then check out this band, you won't be disappointed.

Track List:

01. Every Day
02. I Am My Nation
03. Through The Endless Night
04. All That Might Be
05. Dream Tomorrow
06. Turn The Tide
07. Unbreakable
08. Falling From Grace
09. When The Angels Call Your Name
10. The Wages of Greed
11. Clavain's Tale



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