Artist: Silent jack
   Title:  Hot Lovin'
   Label: Independent Release  

From the mean streets of Birmingham there’s a Sleazy band called Silent Jack and these guys are a party animal, hard rocking, getting you on your feet kind of monster!  They deliver a catchy sing-along song with their debut single 'Hard Lovin' that will have you jigging, boogying, letting your hair down and all out partying!

The band's single is a whiskey soaked catchy number and I think we have a new Faster Pussycat, but with an English twist here, as this band bring everything that was great about the Glam Sleaze period of the late Eighties / early Nineties and deliver something just a little bit different. 

This band really have something about them and Ritch “Stitch” Masons vocals and the whole band’s sound is reminiscent of many bands, but hey that’s no bad thing it’s about time we had some more NEW sleazy glam bands out there in the UK! And I think Silent Jack have mastered it.  

Get yourselves along to the single launch night and just have a damn great time and bow down and rock out to the great hard rock yobs that are Silent Jack!!  They have their single launch at Eddies Rock Club, Gough Street, Birmingham get yourselves along and check out the Mayfair Malls podcast as we feature a track by these Brummies and sleaze hounds! 

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1.    Hot Lovin'






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