Artist: Silent Memorial  
   Title: Retrospective
   Label: Limb Music

The Swiss music scene has been dominated with the more Melodic Rock acts over the years Krokus, Gothard and Everest just a few bands that come to mind with little more heavier bands being sidelined somewhat. But now a band that is ready to shake the very Alps to their core are Silent Memorial.

The bands blend good honest metal with some provocative progressive interludes that makes the album Retrospective a real gem amongst the Prog Metal albums around at the moment.

Upon hearing the opener ‘Human Mind’ your view of Swiss music will be duly altered, as the band push the boundaries of the Prog Metal genre to unheard status with the pummeling back beats intertwined with the elegant keyboards structures and the superb guitars, and that’s only track one.

The album continues its Prog Metal path with atmospheric tones of ‘Differences’, again a powerful mix of great mystical sounding keyboards and a ball busting rhythm section in the intro, before the track eases off with an almost gentile vocals then erupts into a cacophony of keys/drums and guitars.

'Fear' is again a real mixed bag of styles and influences, but is nothing to the sheer exuberance of the twenty-two minute plus splendor of the title track ‘Retrospective’.  A real masterpiece of Prog Metal with more twists and turns than a year of soap opera’s.  Even at twenty-two minute long you don’t feel that it’s that long because there is so much going on you just get swept away on the wave after wave of great Prog Metal moments.

After that your lost for words but your soon caught up the majesty of the album once more with ‘The Darkest Hour’ before the heady bass tones of ‘TV World’, a track where vocalist Mike Andersson's delivers one of the best vocals on the album as it tests his entire range.

The album closes with ‘Lost’, a mystical journey that takes you from the humble prog beginnings of the track and on into a dark forest of bass and drums, with only the shaft of light from the stirring guitars leading the way out of the darkness into the welcoming arms of the keyboard flurry at the end.

All in all a real shot in the arm for Swiss metal and one band that is destined to break the mould of the Swiss music scene. 


01. Human Mind
02. Differences
03. Fear
04. Retrospective
05. The Darkest Hour
06. TV World
07. Lost 




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