Artist: Silhouette
   Title: A Maze
   Label: Independent Release

Silhouette are a new Prog Rock band hailing from Holland who take their influences from the likes of Marillion, Genesis and Pink Floyd to name a few.  These influences take pride and place on the bands debut release ‘A Maze’, an album that is bound to take the Progressive world by storm with its heavily keyboarded and synthesized moods, mixed with the haunting guitar sound that originally made its mark with Pink Floyd and Genesis in the late 70's and one which has made these two bands household names.

The album gets underway with ‘Ocean Of Life’ and instantly you're drawn to comparisons between early Genesis in their Gabriel days, with the soaring keyboard and guitar leading the way for the vocals, which are then interwoven with some more soar away keyboards, which in turn leads the way for the mystic guitars of Brian de Graeve.

Things continue along the progressive path with ‘The Lie’ but this time things are a little more dark and mood ridden with this more vocal and synth prominent piece that leads nicely into a similar vibe on ‘Special Days’.  A track that definitely takes its tone from Pink Floyd’s heyday, think a modern day ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ then you won't be far from what Silhouette are trying with this one, just sit back and be taken away to your own Special Day.

The one thing you can't say is that the band don’t were their influences on their sleeves as they bring in that Marillion feel mixed with that Floyd moodiness on the slow builder ‘Where Are You Now’.  This is a track where the keyboards of Erik Laan really make their mark on the album.

The splendour of ‘The World Is Gonna Get You’ is next, starting off slowly but quickly building into a flurry of tempo swings and movements that give the track that film score feel with its symphonic undertones and story board feel vocals, this track defines the word Progressive.

The tempo is picked up once more with ‘Betray Me’ and ‘Reunion’ two more vocally focused tracks that lead the way to the once of the highlights of the album ‘Seize The Night’, a track that really does mix those folk rock elements into the vocals.  This one is another slow builder that grabs you and takes you along for the journey as it twists and turns and builds into a crescendo of grandiose solos that melt into the final track ‘Long Distance’, which once again takes along that Pink Floyd road and rounds off an album that is pure Progressive Rock. 

This album should be hailed by all of the nostalgia buffs of the genre who have been crying out for a new Floyd or Genesis for years, well now your prayers have been answered.  A mention should also be made to the fabulous artwork on this release with is nothing but inspirational.


1. Ocean Of Life
2. The Lie
3. Special Days
4. Where Are You Now 
5. The World Is Gonna Get You 
6. Betray Me 
7. Reunion 
8. Seize The Night
9. Long Distance


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