Artist: Sinner 
   Title: Crash & Burn
   Label: AFM Records

With some twenty-five years in the business the name of Mat Sinner has always associated with top quality Heavy Metal and Hard Rock albums, both with Sinner and his solo material.

Now in 2008 Matt returns with the latest instalment in the Sinner saga ‘Crash And Burn’, another hard hitting no nonsense rock album full of massive guitars and a thumping rhythm section and who can forget the towering vocals of Mat himself.

The name of Sinner is a massive concern in Germany but elsewhere the band is synonymous with line-up changes, those being numerous over the years but despite this the constant has always been Sinner himself, who has always produced the goods no matter who was in the band.

With this new album we see the return of guitarist Henry Wolter into the fold along with Klaus Sperling on drums and Christof Leim on guitar and with Sinner at the helm, the band have put together a monster of a Rock album more than worthy of the Sinner moniker.

The album gets underway with the title track ‘Crash And Burn’.  As the sirens wail on the intro it's hard rocking all the way with the twin guitar assault of Leim and Wolter getting things underway.  It's old school metal as it should be, huge riffs, a monster back beat and a gruff metal vocal, superb.

The pace is kept going with ‘Break The Silence’, another superb slice of mammoth molten metal from the quartet, with the guitars of Wolter and Leim just raining licks like a metal thunderstorm.

Things don’t ease up one iota as the thunderstorm continues with ‘The Dog’, a song that could have been written by the Motorcity Madman himself Ted Nugent it has that same vibe.

The melodic side of the band is shown with the excellent ‘Heart Of Darkness’, it's still 100% hard rock but proves you can actually mix melody with metal without selling out.

With any new album comes a new single and this isn’t any different with the video for the next track ‘Revolution’ being aired in Europe to accompany the album and the likelihood of a full European tour.  The track itself is pure Sinner, huge guitar parts wrapped around a rock hard rhythm section.

The album continues with the likes of ‘Unbreakable’ and the rampaging ‘Fist To Face’ before the pace is brought down with ‘Until It Hurts’, with the towering guitars of Leim and Wolter leading the way on this one.

‘Little Head’ is a great up tempo rocker with a great modern edge whereas ‘Connection’ is old school riff filled almost Thin Lizzy like.  The album closes with ‘Like A Rock’, a real anthemic rocker to end a great no nonsense album.

As if that wasn't enough to dampen your chops the album will also be released in a limited edition digi-pack form and will include the two bonus tracks 'One Night Only' and 'Fast Decision 2008', together with the video for 'Revolution'.

Before all the multi-genre metal that’s about today there was only Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and that’s what I grew up with and when I listen to this album it takes me back to a simpler time when you knew what you were listening too and a headbanger was a headbanger, no ponceing about trying to be individual, we were all Metallers, we wore denim and leather and wore our bands names with pride on our backs, this is what this album is all about, good honest rock.


 1. Crash & Burn
 2. Break The Silence
 3. The Dog
 4. Heart Of Darkness
 5. Revolution
 6. Unbreakable
 7. Fist To Face
 8. Until It Hurts
 9. Little Head
10. Connection
11. Like A Rock


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