Artist: Sinner 
   Title: One Bullet Left
   Label: AFM Records

Led by namesake Matt Sinner, Sinner are just another string of the many bows from this multitalented musician, songwriter and producer and his hard rock baby.

As Primal Fear is his Metal band, so Sinner is more his Hard Rock band, and one that allows him to take up the microphone and show what a truly great voice for Hard Rock he has.

With 'One Bullet Left’, Matt returns after 3 years with the follow up to ‘Crash & Burn’, with a hard hitting album that delivers on so many levels, with pile driving guitar licks, a thunderous back beat, all interwoven with a mighty vocal.  This is old school down with a modern attitude.

From the opening barrage of ‘The One You Left Behind’ and ‘Back On Trail’, Sinner sets his stall out for what is a cracking hard rocking opus, that takes you by the throat and shakes your very foundations like a good rock album should.

The album keeps delivering the goods with the thumping title track ‘One Bullet Left’, the tremendous earthy rock of ’10 2 Death’, a real heads down slice of old school hard rock, you could imagine Lemmy and Motorhead doing this one.  It has that sort of big bass line feel to it.

Things take a dark turn with the aptly entitled ‘Haunted’, which has a touch of Winger about it, then it's back up to speed with ‘Atomic Playboys’ and ‘Suicide Mission’, before one of my favourites from the album, ‘Wake Me When I’m Sober’, a real old school anthem.

The album closes with three monsters, first up it's ‘Mind Over Matter’, then the riff filled ‘Mend to be Broken’, which has a touch of Thin Lizzy about this one, and as everyone knows, Matt is a big Phil Lynott fan. Before the closer ‘Rolling Away’, a slow burner that builds from humble beginning into a power slice of melodic hard rock, which wraps up a varied album that has more elements than the periodic table.


1. The One You Left Behind
2. Back On Trail
3. Give & Take
4. One Bullet Left
5. 10 2 Death
6. Haunted
7. Atomic Playboys
8. Suicide Mission
9. Wake Me When I'm Sober
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Mend To Be Broken
12. Rolling Away  



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