Artist: Sister Sin 
   Title: Switchblade Serenades 
   Label: Metal Heaven

I first got to know about Sweden’s Sister Sin on their tour with W.A.S.P last April and I was impressed with the live set.  Now it's 2008 and the band return with a new album 'Switchblade Serenades'.

The band have taken the Metal and Hard Rock genres to new heights with their own spin on the genres as they bring you Street Metal, not too polished, rough around the edges and as hard and dirty as they come.

Led by the powerful vocals of Liv the band consist of guitarist Jimmy, bassist Chris and drummer Dave and together they have created a real ball breaker of a rock album that will surely cement the band as one of the new breed of metal bands to come out of Sweden, with one intention, to simply rock the world.

The album gets underway with ‘Beat The Street’ and instantly you're either gonna love the bands sound or hate it.  Me personally I just love it, it's harsh, intense and most of all additive.  Liv is just supreme not just on this track but the entire album as she comes across as a Swedish Doro Pesch.

The album doesn’t pull any punches and from time to time hits below the belt just to keep you on your toes.  The album continues to impress with the ‘Death Will Greet Us’, another no holds barred attack on the senses as Liv powerful vocals just tower above the guitars of Jimmy and that’s takes a hell of a lot of doing.

The band get down and dirty with the pulsating rhythms of ‘One Out Of Ten’, this is the band at their best, punchy guitars and Liv’s might make this one hell of Metal track.

A track that really makes its mark is the hard rocking ‘Breaking New Ground’, this is where Liv lifts her game and simply ignites the band as they rocket above the previous tracks and with the slung-down guitar riffs of Jimmy, this is one of the highlights of the album for me.

The band still rely on the more traditional hard rock sound as they show their influences with ‘On Parole’, this is old school metal with a modern edge.  Big guitars and a thumping rhythm section all wrapped around a massive vocal talent this where the Doro/Warlock similarity comes to mind.

It's all guns blazing for ‘Make My Day’, a great up-tempo rocker that has just a touch of Motorhead about it with its heavy bass tones and speedy licks.  The same classy metal sound is carried into ‘Hostile – Violent’, before the title track ‘Switchblade Serenade’ a darker edged slice of metal.

'Love/Hate' is again all guns blazing hard rock with Jimmy pushing the guitar to almost burning point on this one, along with the tub thumping splendour of Dave and the bass of Chris pounding away like a jackhammer in overdrive, all this and the power of Liv’s vocals the Scandinavian freight train is on expressway to hell and is taking no prisoners on the way.

With the album almost at a close are the band going to let up HELL NO it's balls to the wall metal all the way to the end with ‘All Systems Go’ and rounding things off with the massive ‘Eye To Eye’.

If you like it hard and fast then go no further this year than Sister Sin, they don’t pull punches and aren’t a fly-by-night band, they are here to make their mark so you have been warned.


 1. Beat The Street
 2. Death Will Greet Us
 3. One Out Of Ten
 4. Breaking New Ground
 5. On Parole
 6. Make My Day
 7. Hostile-Violent
 8. Switchblade Serenade
 9. Love/Hate
10. All Systems Go!
11. Eye To Eye


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