Artist:  Skansis
   Title: Leaving You
   Label: Escape Music

Following their debut album ‘Take Your Chance’, Swiss Hard Rockers Skansis are back and are bringing more of their precision hard rock to the masses with their stunning new release ‘Leaving You’

Reto Reist leads the way once again on vocals, with Daniel Joss on acoustic guitars, Pfister Menz on bass, Matthias Haggmann on drums and Beat Heiniger on guitars. The band deliver twelve great rock tunes that get off to a solid start, starting with ‘Next to Mine’, a real top notch rocker that ticks along like a Swiss timepiece, never missing a beat.  It's clear that the band aren’t messing about with this album as the sheer quality is here in spades.

The quality tunes continue with the title track ‘Leaving You’, again a no nonsense hard rocker of the highest calibre.  Skansis will obviously be compared to fellow Swiss rockers Gotthard, but to be honest that’s not a bad thing because I’m sure the Gotthard fans will take these guys to their hearts in a big way.

The album continues to impress with ‘Never Walk Alone’ and the stunning ‘I Don’t Believe’, the latter being one of my tracks of the album.  This song features a rich mix of heavy grooved bass and fine rock guitar, all topped by Reist’s excellent raspy hard rock vocals.  The band bring a little more heat to the proceeding with the ballsy ‘I Want You’, featuring fiery licks which run throughout this big brashy rocker.  A real tour de force.  A little heavier than the previous track but it shows the band aren’t a one trick pony they do have variety and that for me is what I want for a band today.

Just to show their versatility they do bring it down a touch with another favourite of mine in the melodic hard rock of ‘Coming Out Ahead’, before bringing it back up with another great rocker ‘Rock All Night’.  Next it's time for the customary ballad ‘Carry On Better’, on which Reist really shines vocally.  A real slow burner that shows the versatility that I was speaking of, this is one that will reach out and touch even the hardest of hearts.

The same melodic vibe is carried on through the more up tempo ‘Hear Now’, before bringing it back down again with ‘Just Another Day’, just before the album closes with two excellent mid tempo rockers, first it's ‘Back From Way’ and then the seminal multifaceted ‘Anything’.  Both of which close off what is quite simply a stunning release from a band bound for great things.


1. Next To Mine
2. Leaving You
3. Never Walk Alone
4. I Don't Believe You
5. I Want You
6. Coming Out Ahead
7. Rock All Night
8. Carry On Better
9. Hear Now
10. Just Another Day
11. Back From War
12. Anything



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