Artist: Skarlett Riot  
   Title: Tear Me Down 
   Label: SR Records  

Scunthorpe isn’t known for being a hot bed for Rock talent, the only name I can think of is Buzzcocks frontman Howard Devato, but this is all about to change as new Hard Rock sensations Skarlett Riot are about to put East Lincolnshire on the rock n' roll map, with this, their debut album ‘Tear Me Down’.

The band has already caused waves with their EP ‘Villain’.  They've also appeared at Download 2012 (Pepsi Stage) and Bloodstock, so not bad at all since they only were formed in 2010.

This debut release is straight up modern rock with more edge than a box of Gillette razors.  Led by the vocal might of Skarlett, who also plays guitar, also on guitar we have Danny, on bass Tom and finally on drums Luke, and together they pack a real punch.

From the opening barrage of ‘Fade Memory’, ‘We Are Broken’ and ‘Adrenaline’, the band really go for it all guns blazing.  The band has been compared to Paramore, but I think this unkind, as Skarlett has a stronger voice than Hayley Williams and the band on a whole have more angst. 

And this Rock n' Roll angst is felt in bucketfuls on the massive ‘Rock n' Roll Queen’.  They do show a melodic side with the short but impressive ‘Lost’, but it’s the full on rock n' roll attack that really drives this album, with the likes of the title track ‘Tear Me Down’ and the excellent ‘Villain’.

I suppose that Paramore thing could come from the next track ‘Broken Wings’, but again, a little more edge than the Americans and not a vampire in sight. 

But one of most impressive tracks on the album for me is ‘Party Hard’, a rip-snorting sleaze fest that is full of fiery guitars and thunderous rhythms, and of course that power infused vocal of Skarlett.  This full force attack is carried on into the album closing track ‘Riot’, again another angst filled modern rock of the highest order.

This is a great debut release from a band with a big future and with a tour in support of Heavens Basement in July, the word is sure to get around that Skarlett Riot are a band to take seriously.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Faded Memory
2. What We've Become
3. Adrenaline
4. Rock N Roll Queen
5. Lost
6. Tear Me Down
7. Villain
8. Broken Wings
9. Party Hard
10. Riot   



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