Artist:  Skeletal Damage
   Title: Fire And Forget
   Label: Rising Records

These guys are a quartet of heavy metal hailing from the North West of England.  This is their début album and they are described as a mis-mash of Metallica, Machine Head and Pantera.  Throughout the tracks there is more than a hint of mainly Machine Head and Pantera and this is a definite listen for any fans of the above 

The strong, almost bouncy 'Rise of the Morning Star' moves into a more moshful state around half way through, backed with some VERY strong guitar work, and the album retains this throughout, making it an easy, yet enjoyable listen.  Each song is around 6.7 minutes long, so there is plenty of music here for a 9 track CD. 

One thing I'm not sure on, is the sound of the cow bell throughout. Not sure if it IS a cow bell, but it definitely isn't a cymbal. Maybe they put it on to attract your attention for every song ... since its there an awful lot. 

'The Deadlights' is a definitive departure from the rest of the album, almost a melodic metal love song.  This departure, however sudden, is actual a very nice detachment, even with the emotion inspired screamo chorus.  The tone change halfway through also could be an emotional change, but it doesn't detract from the simple beauty of the song, regardless of the half that attracts you. 

The rest of the tracks are pretty standard Machine Head/Pantera style songs, with some amazing guitar riffs and hook intros allowing for the knowledge of the change of tracks.  Now I've heard them, I'm waiting for a second album with eager ears.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Rife Of The Morning Star
2. Beneath The Deep
3. The Deadlights
4. Kissing Knives
5. The Dogs Of War
6. Where Angels Fear To Tread
7. Blue On Blue
8. Of False Hope
9. Night Turns To Day




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