ArtistSkid Row
   Title: Revolutions Per Minute
   Label: SPV Records

It’s hard to believe that this is only Skid Rows fifth release, the band are one of those bands who seem to have been round forever.

'Revolutions Per Minute' is the bands second release with vocalist Johnny Solinger at the helm and is the follow up to the bands highly acclaimed 'Thickskin' release.  An album that I myself couldn’t praise high enough.  With Solinger they have found a more than suitable replacement for Seb Bach, they have found the missing cog in the rock machine that is Skid Row.  Solinger may not have the high pitched vocals of Bach, but he sure has a much greater range than Bach ever did and subsequently adds a greater edge to the whole Skid Row sound.

And with this new release the band continue where 'Thickskin' left off, with the album opening up with the no holds barred 'Disease'.  From the off the mind set of the band is once again laid down for all to see and admire, with the hard rocking guitars and Solingers outstanding vocals, this opener certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

The hard-hitting approach to this album is continued with ‘Another Dick In The System’, a song that everyone can relate to because we all know someone who fits the title.  This is another real tour de force by the band with its powering guitar riffs from both Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo, matched with Solingers kick-ass vocals.

The pace of the album slows down a touch with the dark tones ‘Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me’, a song that shows Solinger is no one trick pony when it comes to his vocal style.

The band then give us a touch of the Irish with the next track ‘When God Can’t Wait’.  A song that wouldn’t go a miss on any Green Day or Transplants album, this punky effort is a great little drinking song, (mines a Guinness).

Then it's back to the rock with a vengeance with the guitar fuelled ‘Shut Up Baby, I Love You’.  A song that has all the classic Skid Row traits and one that all the die hard fans of the band will just love it.

The band broaden their sound on my favourite track off the album, the stunning ‘Strength’, with Solinger once again sounding superb and at just over five minutes is the longest track on the album.  Which leads us nicely into a couple of short tracks that show the band have a humorous side.  Firstly ‘White Trash’, a song for all the Jerry Springer fans out there, and a little redneck punk number entitled ‘You Lie’.

But fear not for it's soon back to more traditional hard rock sound of Skid Row with ‘Nothing’ and ‘Love Is Dead’.  Two great tracks that show the band still have their pedal to the metal when it comes to full on rock n' roll.

With the album almost at a close it's time to pick up the pace with ‘Let It Ride’, which just goes to prove classic Skid Row is good, but the new Skid Row is better.

The album closes with a bonus track, another version of ‘You Lie’, this time done in a Hayseed Dixie style complete with banjo (a little Deliverance moment from the boys from New Jersey).

With the response 'Thickskin' got from the media I think 'Revolutions Per Minute' will follow well in its footsteps.  So let's hope a new tour will follow so once again the Youth can Go Wild.



   1. Disease
Another dick in the System
Pulling my heart out from under Me
When God can't Wait
Shut up Baby, I love You
White Trash
You Lie
Love is Dead
Let it Ride
You Lie (bonus track)


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