Artist: Skin 
   Title: Breaking The Silence
   Label: :

Well, you'd better make the most of it because this is the last time you#ll hear anything from British rockers Skin, but hell, what a way to bring things to a proper finale.

The self-financed album 'Breaking The Silence' is their swansong, and one that will make people realise just what they are missing after the band have done, and isn't that just typical over the years within rock music.

From the thumping opener 'Good To Be Back', it's a case of hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride, because next up is 'Don't Call It Love' with its fiddly guitar hook that catches the ear instantly to show the band haven't lost any of their sharpness during their hiatus from the studio.

Lead off track 'Stronger' has been getting ample airplay on the rock radio stations, which isn't really surprising as its the type of rock song everyone loves.  It's got that uplifting, guitar buzzing' beat, which makes it impossible to stay still to for any length of time, a real memory jerker from their debut years where they proved how good a band they were then and are still now.  Honestly, you just want to shout out "Hey man, this is what it's all about!".

'Can You Feel It' tips its hat to the 70's era due to the subtle use of the keyboards that hover in the background, whereas the slow, Celtic-tinged vibe ghosting over 'The Book Of Your Life', especially the guitar solos, is like a heavier sounding Big Country track.

Now, you couldn't have a Skin album without a classy ballad, could you? Here, you get two.  'When I'm with You' is THE perfect acoustic-led arm-swayer that Skin excel in, a sure fire winner for that candlelit room moment when it all falls into place.

'Redemption' comes across a bit more on the power ballad side, but none the less just as good a heart string tugger.  It's also where you really appreciate how good a singer Neville MacDonald is, and such a shame he doesn't get the recognition he really deserves along with the band.

They can also still do the odd blazing anthem as well don't forget.  'Trigger Inside' and the rock / blues orientated 'Indestructible' both faultless examples of how to keep the headbangers out there happy! 'Bad Reputation' (no the Lizzy one) cements the above point well and truly accurate, its thunderous wall of sound just begs to be played at 11!

The frenzied 'Born To Rock & Roll' brings the album to a rowdy shout it out loud climax, again MacDonald on top form vocally.  Hopefully it won't be the last time we hear from him either.

'Breaking The Silence' can only be described as the perfect way for such a good band like Skin to end their long staggered career, where they deserved to have so much more going their way than they had.  Make sure you catch them on their farewell tour because you'll see one hell of a live show from one of our best home grown bands of the last few years.  Goodbye and good luck!

Review by: Bob Baldwin



1. Good To Be Back
2. Don't Call It Love
3. Stronger
4. Can You Feel It
5. The Book Of Your Life
6. When I'm With You
7. Trigger Inside
8. Indestructible
9. Redemption
10. Bad Reputation
11. Born To Rock & Roll 



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