Artist: Skinflick 
   Title: Halo Of Flies / The Maggot Circle (the remix)
   Label: Dead Sexy Records

Skinflick have a sound that can only be described as post industrialist electro death metal, who’s influences lie in the macabre.

The first thing that grabs you is the vocals of Judas Williams, as the tracks aren’t simply sung, they are etched into your subconscious like some subliminal messages. With the additional vocals of Lady Chaos on a number of tracks lending that extra edge to the tracks.

This isn’t an album that is easily defined.  It has that dark electronic feel that would go down well in the clubs in London, but somehow I can’t see it being played on Radio 1.

Tracks of note are the menacing title track ‘Halo of Flies’ and the very dark and haunting ‘& Die’.  This double CD has a lot to offer fans of the darker, heavier, more sinister side of metal.

If you like to take a walk on the dark side and lose yourself in a electronic daze, leave all you worries behind you, let out you inner demon and check out Skinflick. However, if you're of a nervous disposition then I would leave well alone as this album will seriously mess with your head.


Halo Of Flies CD

1. Life of fuck All
2. Deeper
3. Chrysalis
4. Son of God
5. The Reckoning
6. Accident
7. Halo of Flies
8. Hive of One
9. Tyrant
10. & Die
11. Slow motion Death
12. Blood, sperm & Tears
13. December in Red 

The Maggot Circle CD

1. Deeper mantra Mix
2. Chysalis demolishing the swarm Mix
3. Son of God atreides Mix
4. The reckoning alphaomega Mix
5. Hive of one visitation rights Mix
6. Slow motion death death uber alles Mix
7. Blood, sperm & tears bone box Mix
8. Hives of one mild psychosis Mix


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