Artist: Skreamer  
   Title:  Blackened Earth
   Label: Skreamer Records  

Here we have possibly, just possibly the debut album of the year from a London based band that are just out of their teens, they will electrify you, astound you, strain your neck and batter you senseless.  The band is Skreamer and with a rapidly growing fan base, their live shows are becoming legendary and being touted around the scenes many radio stations.  All hells breaking loose with 'Blackened Earth'.  

'Victim' opens up this nine track monster, with drums and guitar riffs to scare an intimidating horde of hungry Rottweiler’s, the band deliver an opening track with a menacing do or die attitude.  Chugging guitars open up 'S.M.I.L.E' and hell, this will have your neck strained, check the roar and vocal technique from Samuel Morter, its vicious, brutal and batters your head in with an iron bar.  Love the swirling guitars from both Morter and Andreas Pavlov 'S.M.I.L.E' is as venomous and dangerous as a wounded snake in a sea of fire.  'Nothing' is heavy metal heaven, a mosh pit of heavy laden bass from Sergio Ronchetti, and machine gun drumming ensues as Bobby Steel drums like a demon on amphetamine. 

There’s respite as 'Opiate' opens with a soothing acoustic guitar and a female vocalist called Anna Ray, it’s a dreamy other worldly experience then you are drawn you into electrifying guitars, drums and wrecking ball vocals delivered with attitude by Morter.  This is a diverse and very different track, intertwined with Anna Rays vocals this is inventive and impressive.  'Flesh and Blood' is aggressive and superb.  

My favourite on here 'Straight To Hell' rips into your head, has a kick about, battering you senseless, leaving you completely gob smacked by the bands dynamic and exemplary skills this will have pits exploding and bodies battered and bruised. 'Bad Trip' is a total killer of a track this is a ferocious two minutes of insanity, destruction and carnage are guaranteed when this is played live. The tempo is relaxed as the excellent 'Time' floats over you and takes you to another level, excellent crisp clear vocals and lovely acoustics are delivered and you know what this band more than excel, this sends shivers through your whole body, it's excellent. 

The title track 'Blackened Earth' opens slowly then builds and show cases everything that is great about this band from London, we have drumming that emanates from the pits of the earth, hostile vocals, guitars that take your mind, and your soul, what a spectacular finish this is to nine tracks of Metal Insanity!  This has to be for me one of the debut albums of the year, and its only March!! Check out the bands video on YouTube of the title track it’s immense!  The band will be touring the UK soon and further afield so keep an eye out for one of the hottest bands of the year.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1. Victim
2. S.M.I.L.E.
3. Nothing
4. Opiate
5. Flesh And Blood
6. Straight To Hell
7. Bad Trip
8. Time
9. Blackened Earth  



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