Artist: Slamer  
   Title: Nowhere Land
   Label: Frontiers Records

An album that has grown and grown in stature this year is Mike Slamer's new album 'Nowhere Land'.  Since its release earlier this year, a week hasn’t gone by without me listening to at least one track off this very impressive melodic rock masterpiece.

On the album Mike has joined up with Terry Brock, who together with Mike has put together this monster of a release.  The album gets off to a great start with the title track 'Nowhere Land', which starts off with a very atmospheric intro and then gradually builds to a crescendo of guitar and vocals, that you’ll be hard to top on any other release this year.

The album continues with the almost Journey-esq ‘Strength To Carry On’, with its mellow tones and haunting guitars.

The pace of the album is picked up with the guitar laden ‘Not In Love’, a real guitar players track, as Slamer shows what a great talent he really is, together with Brock providing some of the most memorable vocals of the entire album.

The atmospheric tones are continued on the excellent ‘Come To Me’, a real melodic builder as the vocals of Brock come in, mixed with the semi acoustic guitars, all go to make this one of my favourites off the album.

The album takes a different tone as the hard rock element of the album comes into force with the superbly layered ‘Higher Ground’.

Then it's time to slow things down with another Journey-esq track, this time the amazing ‘Jaded’.  A real heart stopper of a track that oozes class and is almost the perfect Melodic Rock track that I defy any Melodic Rock fan to find fault with.

The intricate stirring qualities of this album never fail to impress, none more so than on ‘Beyond The Pale’.  This is a real classy piece of balladry.  The lovers of melodic hard rock with just adore the next track ‘Runaway’, this Def Leppard style number is just another great track, on an album full of great tracks.

This view is continued with the great up-tempo rocker ‘Audio Illusion’, a track that will soon have you singing along with its catchy chorus.  The up-tempo feel continues with groove infested ‘Perfect Circle’.  The album comes to a close with the rockiest track on the album the excellent ‘Superstar’, a track which closes one of the best melodic hard rock albums I’ve heard not only this year, but for some time.

The entire album mixes some intricate melodies with some real hard rock classic tones in such a way that when you listen to it time and time again, as I have, you'll continue to find something new and endearing after every listen.


1. Nowhere Land
2. Strength To Carry On
3. Not In Love
4. Come To Me
5. Higher Ground
6. Jaded 
7. Beyond The Pale 
8. Runaway
9. Audio Illusion 
10. Perfect Circle
11. Superstar 


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