Artist:  Sledge Leather 
   Title: Imagine Me Alive 
   Label: Metal Up Records  

After some twenty years, the vocal might of Leather Leone is back and back with a vengeance.  The former Rude Girl and Malibu Barbie vocalist is joined by former band mate and powerhouse drummer Sandy Sledge, for their new project Sledge Leather and their debut album ‘Imagine Me Alive’.  Joining them are former ex-Dio stars Jimmy Bain on bass and Scott Warren on keyboards, while filling that vacant lead guitar spot is Matthias Weisheit.

'Imagine Me Alive' is a full throttle metal opus that once again brings to the fold the mighty vocals of Leather, which haven’t lost any of their power over the years.  This is very prominent from the album opener and title track ‘Imagine Me Alive’.  This is old school Heavy Metal at is titanic best.  Big riffs, a monster rhythm section and of course a powerhouse vocal.

The album tracks are spit by short prequels that give this album a concept feel to it, the first of these being ‘Torch’, with just Leather and a piano, which leads into the massive ‘The Guy Upstairs Lied’.  A riff filled metal monster with Weisheit firing on all six cylinders, throwing out licks like six string confetti, while Sledge delivers some of the most prolific drumming on the entire album, with Leather doing what she does best, unleashing a vocal tsunami.

It's time for another prequel, this time it's Weisheit and Warren who provided the evocative melodies to ‘Illusions Opus’, which in turn leads to the hauntingly dark ‘Her Fathers Daughter’, which itself has a follow up with ‘Her Fathers Daughter – Reprise’.  A piano piece that somehow captures the heart at its most solemn. 

It's back to the full blown Heavy Metal once more with the thumping bass lined ‘A Taste Of Night’, before the more refined gentle metal ballad ‘One Glimpse', where Leather shows she can bring not only power, but grace as well, with one of the finest vocals on the entire album. 

‘Fast Forgiveness’ is just that, 27 seconds of fiery riffs and drums that leads into ‘The Lost Forgiveness’, a soaring metal extravaganza that has that epic metal feel without the longevity of it all.

The album closes with 'Sisyphus', a track with a definite Egyptian feel about it, which closes the album in dramatic style.  This is welcome return for Leather and hopefully marks the first of many albums from the pair, because Heavy Metal deserves more women at the forefront of the scene. 


1.  Imagine Me Alive
2. Torch
3. The Guy Upstairs Lied
4. Illusions Opus
5. Her Father's Daughter
6. Her Father's Daughter - Reprise
7. A Taste Of Night
8. One Glimpse
9. Fast Forgiveness
10. The Lost Forgiveness
11. Susyphus     


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