Artist: Snew 
   Title:  What's It To Ya
   Label: Maman Music Co BMI  

Oh yes this is more like it, this is boogie, foot-stomping, groove-ridden, hard rawk to shake you to your knees ... Snew hail from L.A. and you can imagine them schmoozing and a cruising down the Sunset Strip.  This band are good time Rock and Roll ... 

Snew have quite a following and with the bands third release 'Whatís It To Ya', their fan base can only continue to grow.  From the first chord of swirling guitars, you know you are in for a treat, as the band really does 'Release the Beast'.  What a great tune to open a festival of sleazy party metal! 

Next we have 'I Got a Rocket', like some of the best sleaze bands, Snew deliver a tune with double meanings riddled though out, and like some of the best, they rock out and when Dan Vito on vocals tells you he has a rocket, you better believe it and watch you donít get your eyes poked out!

'Pull My Stinger' does he mean nettle? Ha ha, the band delivers songs with such fun and they just groove.  They remind me so much of Faster Pussycat, also with that wild man of rock, Bon Scott (R.I.P) in their lurking somewhere in the background. 'Electrolux', ok now the song titles are taking on an even more bizarre theme,  hee hee.  Daft catchy song and you will be glad to know Snew "Never lose suctionĒ!  Seriously, this band is great fun and a bit manic, just how I like my sleazy bands.

'Tearing Up Your City' is reckless, rock n' roll abandonment and I would love to see this band tear up my city.  They would kick the living daylights out of any joint that would dare have them.  'Clever Girl' has a bluesy feel to it and is entertaining, as is the whole album.  I enjoyed this track the most I think.  Itís difficult to say as the whole album seriously rocks.  Alright next track 'Unglued' has Dan Vito testing his larynx and this one does really rock your foundations!  With some nifty riffs you just canít go wrong. 

'Bad Words' is so slow, you could go as far as saying itís a ballad.  'Whatís It To Ya' and 'All Over You' continue the wild partying groove.  Wow! What a great album!  Ok there is nothing new here by Snew, but that doesnít matter!  It wonít change the world, but hell itís great fun!!! I dare you to just sit there and not move your feet to this album.  

I really like this album.  Itís raw, bluesy, sleazy and smacks of a Jack Daniels fueled nights of rocking, boogying and general abandonment. 

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Release The Beast
2. I Got A Rocket
3. Pull My Stinger
4. Electrolux
5. Tearing Up Your City
6. Clever Girl
7. Unglued
8. Bad Words
9. What's It To Ya
10. All Over You   



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