Artist:  Snowfall 
   Title:  Cold Silence
   Label: Escape Music  

Snowfall is the brainchild of former Winter Parade members PB Riise (bass) and Tore Mei (guitar), who along with Shy / Phenomena’s Lee Small (vocals) and Coldspell’s Perra Johnson (drums), have delivered an album that will melt the very soul.

With Small leading the way with his unmistakable towering vocals leading the charge from the opener ‘Don’t Drive Me Home Tonight’, the bluesy tones of Small the perfect foil for the guitars of Mei, the big bass lines of PB and sonic might of Johnson’s drumming, and this is felt even more so on the excellent ‘Citadel Of Hope’.  But this band has a plethora of talent at its disposal and they sure do bring all their talents to the table on the album.

They really impress with the rockier side of things likes of ‘House of Prayer’, but also they really take full advantage of Smalls vocal agility with the mellower ballads and one such song is the classy ‘Heaven’s Not Up There’.  This is Small at his blues infused best.

Things continue their impressive mix of Melodic Hard Rock and Classic Rock with ‘Jack Of Diamonds’, ‘Wolfs Lair’ and the towering keyboard infused ‘I Won't Be Lonely Anymore’.  Although it’s the bluesy rocking of ‘Stampede’ and ’Oscillate’ that really make their mark on the listener.  You can feel yourself getting into the groove from the first few notes of these two so much that they really make you get your freak on!

The rock is back big style with the thumping ‘Alexandria’, before this superb album closes with the phenomenal epic feeling ‘The Vesper Bell’, which rings the close of what is a stunning debut album that as I said before, will melt the very soul.

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1.  Don't Drive Me Home Tonight
2. Citadel Of Hope
3. House Of Prayer
4. Heaven's Not Up There
5. Jack Of Diamond's
6. Wolf's Lair
7. I Won't Be Lonely Anymore
8. Stampede
9. Oscillate
10. Alexandria
11. The Vesper Bell  



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