Artist: SOiL 
   Title: Picture Perfect
   Label: AFM Records

SOiL was originally formed in 1997 by members of death metal acts Broken Hope and Oppressor as a side project to their other band. SOiL's first three releases, 'SOiL' (EP), 'El Chupacabra' (EP) and their debut album 'Throttle Junkies', failed to break the band into the mainstream.  It was around this time that all the members of SOiL left their other bands to focus on SOiL as their main project.

A lot has happened to the band since their inception four albums under their belts changes in personnel and label changes. 

But like most bands these days the band have taken these changes on the chin and after signing to AFM Records the band are back with a new album ‘Picture Perfect’ and again the name of SOiL is sure to bring back the success the band had around 2001 with their phenomenal single 'Halo', which seemed to be on constant repeat in the rock clubs around the country at the time.

So what about the new album I hear you say, well the band are certainly back with a bang, this album is top notch modern metal and as angst filled as bear with a hangover.

The main focus of the album has to be the vocals of A.J. Cavalier who mixes passion with anger as a cook mixes flour with eggs, both resulting in a great outcome.

This is felt from the opening barrage of ‘Tear’ and the rather excellent ‘Lesser Man’, with the latter being one of my personnel favourites off the album.  Both deliver more punch that a gold bar in the face.

But the band are more than hardened rockers as they do show a more melodic side as the title track ‘Picture Perfect’ and the fantastic ‘Surrounded’, both songs showing what a class vocal talent Cavalier is.  He can really push the envelope when it comes to the heavier stuff but when things slow down he’s just as powerful but retains more melody in his vocal and comes across as a rough assed Chad Kroeger.

It’s full on rock with ‘Wasted’ and the thumping ‘Every Moment’, then we return with the Creed like ‘Anymore’, but the likes of ‘Falter’ and ‘To Far Away’ that will blow you away.  Two very similar tracks and both equally superb. And the great tracks just keep on coming as the album comes to a close with ‘Calling Out’, the heavily veined ‘Temptation’ and finally the excellent ‘Last Wish’.

The album will surprise a few people who have set thoughts on this type of band, as the album shows the next stage in SOiL’s development as a band and will surely give the band the big success they deserve.



01. Tear
02. Lesser Man
03. Like It Is
04. Picture Perfect
05. Surrounded
06. wasted
07. Every Moment
08. Anymore
09. Falter
10. Too Far Away
11. Calling Out
12. Temptation
13. Last Wish




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