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Band: Sonic Station

Title: Next Stop

Label: Avenue of Allies


'Next Stop' is the much-anticipated second album from Alexander Kronbink’s AOR outfit Sonic Station, and just like the debut, Kronbink brings that 80’s West Coast AOR to the masses.   


However, unlike the self-titled debut when Kronbink brought in four vocalists, this time round we see Johan Boding on lead vocals on eight of the eleven tracks, with Marika Willstedt on the remaining three.  Together along with Kronbink's superb guitars they have put together a wonderful release.  


Things get underway with the single 'Amelia', which instantly brings that 80’s West Coast vibe back in spades, with Bodings wonderful vocals taking us back to a simpler time, when this style of rock ruled the airwaves and soundtracks of the Eighties.  


But this album is not a nostalgia trip to times gone by, this is AOR for the now.  Yes there are nods to the Eighties, but these are just nods of respect as the likes of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ showcases perfectly, with Kronbink delivering some of the finest AOR guitar work you’ll hear this year.  


We are given the first taste of the wonderful vocals of Willstedt on the excellent ‘Brighter After Dark’, then it's back to Boding for the West Coast vibe of ‘Fool For Your Love’.  This one definitely gives the Eighties a nod with this offering.   


The two vocalists used on the album have two very different qualities that make ‘Next Stop’ such a great multi-faceted release.  Other stand out tracks include the Toto inspired ‘Stopped Beating’, the edgier guitar infused ‘Half of My Heart’, although if I had to pick the stand-out track that really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, then it would have to be six minute epic ‘Last Goodbye’.  


Once again Kronbink has put together a truly great album and one that shows that West Coast AOR still has a place in today’s varied musical market, where Rock has more sub genres than pebbles on a beach, which is quite an achievement and long may it continue.  After this offering, I think the band's next installment should be entitled 'Never Stop'.


Review by: Barry McMinn




1. Amelia 
2. Catch me If You Can
3. Brighter After Dark
4. Fool For Your Loving
5. Stopped Beating
6. Where Are You Now?
7. Half Of My Heart
8. Broken man
9. Love Clash
10. Last Goodbye
11. Hide And Seek


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