Artist: Sonic X 
   Title: Sonic X
   Label: Z Records

This debut release from Canadian quartet Sonic X has to be one of the finest releases this year.  As the melodic rock scene has seen some fine albums released this year this isn’t an idle boast.  Right from the off you know the quality of the music is second to none.

With the vocals of Adam Troy being one of the standout features of the band, the intensity and power are quite superb.  The guitar work isn’t too shabby either, with Lawrence Falconer ripping it up good style with some memorable leads. 

It is impossible to fault this album as there isn’t a single bad track on it.  The sound is very reminiscent of little known Childs Play’s debut self titled album with the raunchy guitar riffs and thunderous rhythm sections. 

It’s hard to pick out favourite tracks as they are all strong but if I had to then I would say that ‘City of Sin’ just for the intro alone, ‘Witches Den’ for the heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, ‘Obsession’ for just being a great track, and ‘Season Change’ is just a great power ballad.

This is album goes straight into my top ten favourite albums of the year.  It's just a great debut album that's got me looking forward to the next one with bated breath.


1.  News for You
2.  City of Sin
3.  Two sides to every Story
4.  Witches Den
5.  Lonely Heart
6.  Obsession
7.  Seasons Change
8.  Broken Wings
9.  Feed the Flame


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