Artist: Sons Of Seasons 
   Title: Gods Of Vermim
   Label: Napalm Records

If you're familiar with the bands Kamelot, Doro Pesch and Blaze Bayley, then the name of Oliver Palotai will be no stranger and the keyboard wiz producer, multi-talented musician and composer’s prowess will also be well known, although the name of Sons Of Seasons may not be, but believe me it soon will be.

Sons of Seasons is a band set up by Palotai in 2007 who enlisted the talents of Daniel Schild, and Luca Princiotta, who were at one time with Palotai in Blaze Bayley’s band, but due to management wrangling left that band.  This trio were soon re-unite and brought in new blood in the form of bass player Jurgen Steinmetz to complete the band line-up.  The band then needed a vocalist and in stepped Tijs Vanneste, only sadly due to the bands touring commitments Vanneste couldn’t commit to the band, so Palotai sought out the talent of Metalium frontman Henning Basse to fill the vacant frontman slot and so the band was complete.

With this new band and debut album Palotai has taken his love of Metal and Classical music and mixed the two genres together in a powerful entity, with just a touch of jazz-fusion thrown in for good measure.

The album opens up in quite emphatic style with ‘The Place Where I Hide’ with Palotai’s keyboards getting things underway.  The album may be described as Dark Symphonic Metal, but it is so much more than that.  There is a grace and power behind each track and as the album opens up properly with the excellent title track ‘Gods Of Vermin’, a track which features Basse’s mighty towering overtures and some great elevated guitars and keys, this is a great track that sets the standard for the rest of the album.

This high standard is maintained not only with the next track ‘A Blind Man’s Resolution’, again featuring a powerful vocal from Basse while retaining that Symphonic feel to proceedings, but it's the rhythm section that really stamps their mark on the album with some huge bass and drums lines.  Another fine METAL track that's also one of my personal favourites off the entire album, simply because of its powerful feel.

‘Fallen Family’ is another really heavy track which just powers on through and is the first track to feature the guest vocals of one Simone Simons, who's contrasting majestic vocals are the perfect back up for Basses frantic metal style.  This also allows Palotai to unleash those magic fingers to great effect as the keyboards unite with the vocal pairing in perfect unity.

Well we're almost midway through the album and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.  The album takes a more mellower refrain for ‘The Piper’, which is where Basse shows us  that he also has a melodic side to his vocal range.  This really is a rather splendid Metal Ballad.

Things keep to the more gentle refrain for ‘Wheel Of Guilt’ before the pace is picked up once more with the excellent ‘Belials Tower’.  A massive attack of drums and bass with driven guitars taking this one over the edge of metal hell and back again.  This is also one of Basse’s finest vocal performances on the album.

It's time for that little Metal/Jazz fusion with the intro to ‘Fall Of Byzanz’, a really mixed bag this one that shows the diversity Palotai wanted for this band in abundance.  Then it's the quite beautiful ‘Wintersmith’, which once again sees Simone Simon’s duetting with Basse on a song that reminds me very much of the Kamelot track ‘The Haunting’, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

It's back to the more aggressive metal feel with Dead Man’s Shadows’ and the superb ‘Sanatorium Song’ before the album closes as it opens in emphatic style with ‘Third Moon Rising’, which rounds off a great debut album from the band.  This album showcases the talents of both Palotai as well as the rest of the band perfectly and a must buy for all fans of great musicianship as this one has it in bucketloads.



1. The Place Where I Hide
2. Gods Of Vermin
3. A Blind Man's Resolution
4. Fallen Family
5. The Piper
6. Wheel Of Guilt
7. Belial's Tower
8. Fall Of Byzanz
9. Wintersmith
10. Dead Man's Shadows
11. Sanatorium Song
12. Third Moon Rising 




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