Artist:  Sora
   Title: Desire And Truth
Avenue Of Allies  

'Desire And Truth' is the new release from Sora the brainchild of Erol Sora, a guitarist to whom the guitar legends of Schenker, Sykes and Blackmore have had more than just an influence on his life.

With this new album Sora wants to bring back those days when guitarist were gods and household names.  As the album opens up a driving guitar riff for the opener ‘Taste Of Rock & Roll’, this becomes even more apparent.  Sora has a great Hard Rock vocal that more than matches those hard edged guitars.  A great way to open up the album.

That same driving guitar sound is carried on into the next song ‘The Storm Has Just Begun’.  This is where that MSG and Schenker influence comes into the mix, as Sora throws out the multi layered licks like confetti.  And the straight up Hard Rock just keeps on coming with ‘What’s It Gotta Do With You And Me’ and the excellent ‘Winter’, again riffs a plentiful.

Sora shows he has more to his repertoire than big guitar moments, as he brings it down a touch with the ballad ‘When Your Gone’, before bringing the Schenker influence back into the spotlight with my favourite track off the album ‘Diamonds In The Wind’.  You can almost visualize that black and white flying V when this one's playing.

Sora really puts the pedal to the metal with ‘Invitation’, a real guitar players joy as he really burns up the fret board on this one, while still retaining a bucket full of melody.  Then the album takes on a new twist with the seventies inspired ‘Stop Messin’ Around’, a groove filled spectacle which again showcases the diversity of both the man and his music perfectly.

Speaking of diversity, Sora also shows he can have fun with his music as the tongue and cheek ‘Rock & Roll Dog’ proves.  A real old school rocker that is about Sora’s glamorous days in the 'City Of Angels'.

The album closes with the second of the ballads ‘When You Gonna Love Me’, which is the perfect finishing touch to an album the Sora can be proud of.


1. Taste Of Rock & Roll
2. The Storm Has Just Begun
3. What's It Gotta Do With You And Me
4. Winter
5. When You're Gone
6. Diamonds In The Wind
7. Invitation
8. Stop Messin' Around
9. Rock & Roll Dog
10. When You Gonna Love Me



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