Artist: Jeff Scott Soto 
   Title: Beautiful Mess
   Label: Frontiers Records

Now Iím a huge fan of Jeff Scott Soto going all the way back to the Malmsteen days, through Talisman to his solo work, I forgive him for the Journey interlude and commiserate on the way he was treated by Mr Schon and co.  Iíve seen the man live more in the last 8 years than some bands who have been playing since the 80ís.  The last time being at Firefest 5 where he previewed a couple of tracks from this new CD 'Beautiful Mess'.  I did feel that performance was not a patch on previous shows and actually walked away from the main hall thinking the new CD would be a dud. 

Well here I am eating my words, because after listening to 'Beautiful Mess' I have to say Jeff Scott Soto has come up with an eclectic mix of tunes all based around his soul/funk influences and it ainít a mess, just beautiful.  If you were expecting hard rock or power metal, please exit the building. 

The heaviest the album gets is opener '21st Century' with some Audioslave / Extreme style riffing.  Jeff Scott Soto has come up with some of his best work lyrically on here.  Songs like 'Cry Me A River' (think Seal), 'Gin & Tonic Sky', 'Our Song', 'Eye' and 'Hey' show his maturity and mix funk, pop, R íní B and rock to bring the listener a 'Beautiful Mess'.  The production and mix are also another notch up from previous efforts and the musicianship is quality. 

This is a great album and I enjoy listening to it, great background music when working round the house, but I have my doubts as to whether the songs on here work live.  In the meantime, open yourselves to the new Jeff Scott Soto.

Review by: Brassy


1.  21st Century
2.  Cry Me A River
3.  Gin & Tonic Sky
4.  Hey
5.  Broken Man 
6.  Mountain
7.  Our Song
8.  Eye
9.  Bring It Home
10. Testify
11.  Wherever U Wonna Go
12.  Kick It  


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