Artist: Jeff Scott Soto
   Title: Essential Ballads
   Label: Frontiers Records

Jeff Scott Soto has always been one of the voices of melodic rock and has at times been a gun for hire when the needs must.  His voice is one of the most majestic when he is singing ballads and now you can sample Soto (in my view) at his best with this compilation of the more gentler side. 

Combining tracks taken from his three solo albums 'Love Parade', 'Lost In Translation' and 'Prism', plus the limited edition EP’s 'Holding On' and 'Believe In Me', together with three previously unreleased tracks and a cover of Journey’s ‘Send Her My Love’.

The album opens up with ‘If This Is The End’ and immediately the majesty that is Soto’s vocal chords is there for all to hear.  With the cover of Journey’s ‘Send Her My Love’ Soto has made his own with his unmistakable voice.

The album covers all aspects of love and heartache and if you're in a relationship that is going from good to bad, or indeed from bad to good, then you will find a song on this album that you'll think has been written for you. 

If you’re a fan of the man then these songs will already be well known to you and will be a welcome addition to your collection.  However, if you are not a fan and have only heard bits and pieces of his material, but perhaps like the softer side of rock than you will not find anything better than this collection of Soto ballads



1. If This Is The End
2. As I DO 2 U
3. Holding On
4. Send Her My Love
5. Lonely Shade of Blue
6. This Ain't The Love
7. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
8. 4U
9. Still Be Loving U
10. Till The End of Time
11. Sacred Eyes
12. By Your Side
13. Beginning 2 End
14. Through it All
15. Last Mistake
16. Another Try


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